The Secret of Ariyan Mehedi Soulful Singer of Bangladesh.

Ariyan Mehedi? Yes, Today we are talking about Ariyan Mehedi, the famous young Singer, Rapper and Musician from Bangladesh. Recently he got viral for some music videos and cover songs.

Ariyan Mehedi is a vocalist of Bangladesh descent. Ariyan Mehedi’s voice feels like a blessing to the mind and ears. With no doubt, he has stolen the hearts of millions with his enigmatic voice and confidence. He has amassed a massive fan base across the globe.

His songs are an agent of mood boosting and they make the listener feel happy. If you are a song lover, here presenting to you the best and soulful songs of Ariyan Mehedi.

He can sing beautiful songs without learning music in an institutional way. From a young age, he was attracted to music. In his spare time he practiced music almost. When he was with friends, teacher and also his mom. He born on 27 July 2001 in Lalmonirhat Rangpur, Bangladesh.

We are asked him “You are extremely popular among music lovers now, and are even compared to Jubin Nautiyal. How do you view that?”

Ariyan Mehedi said, “Everyone has a different way of expressing their love, and I realise that comparing me to him comes from a place of love, so I respect it. However, I think that Jubin Nautiyal is very far more talented than I am.

Comparing me to him doesn’t seem fair, in my opinion. Everyday, I listen his songs too much. Jubin Nautiyal voice is Mind blowing“.

Many people’s are asked Ariyan Mehedi “Sir, Why you don’t use your real name?”

Ariyan Mehedi said, “My legal name is Md. Mahady Hasan Jewell. It’s to long, so that I use my Official name Ariyan Mehedi. People best known as Ariyan Mehedi. People’s are easily connect two words names. So that, I use it”.

Can you talk about your journey into music?

Ariyan Mehedi said, “As a child, I used to listen to music on the TV, Flims and of different artists and I am singing under the inspiration of my Mom. I have started my musical Journey since 2017 as Disc Jockey (DJ). But, Now I am a Independent Bangladeshi singer, rapper and also Musician. I am born in a Muslim family. I feel lucky because, My Mom always support me“.

We are asked him, You are very popular among female music listeners and have definitely received many proposals. How do you deal with that?

Ariyan Mehedi said “I know their love is coming from a place of loving my music, and I appreciate all the love my fans shower me with. It inspires me to work harder on my music. However, Yes I have received that many proposals as I’m not on social media often. Even if I do receive some, I can’t respond to them“.

Lastly, The young singer added that “My original song will be released from my official YouTube channel”.

Ariyan Mehedi’s Official Facebook page and Instagram Account links are below:-


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