The Secret To Driving Leads For Physical Therapists in 2021 – Social Media Marketing

Looking for more patients for your physical therapist practice? Social media is one of the most important strategies when it comes to driving patient leads to your practice. Here are a few key pointers when it comes to tackling social media marketing for your PT practice:

1. Figure out what platforms your target audience is on

From Instagram to Facebook, there are tons of different platforms for marketing your business on social media. The first step is choosing the most beneficial platforms to your specific practice. Observe the activities of your competitors on every platform and see which are the best for you. 

2. Post consistently

If you post quality content consistently, your audience will constantly keep your practice in the back of their mind. Building this sense of brand awareness can be a deal-breaker when potential clients take a look at your online presence. 

3. Engage with potential clients 

Add engaging material to your social media pages beyond just strictly educational content. Don’t hesitate to post a video or even a meme from time to time to keep your audience interested.

4. Share valuable content

If you share useless content that lacks value, you will struggle to drive more leads through social media. Make sure you are sharing valuable posts that emphasize your expertise.   

Can I Outsource My Social Media Marketing?

Interested in outsourcing your PT practices social media? Cox Visuals is New Jersey’s premier social media agency and the expert in helping you boost your practices digital footprint on social media. From setting up your profiles and creating professional content to publishing regular posts and engaging with your followers, we do all the heavy lifting. Text “PT” to 908-930-9813 to chat with our social media experts.

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