The Sensational Musician Duo “April and the Drift” Are Ready With Their New Release and Here we Have all the Details you Need to Know

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April And The Drift is a duo known for its innovative and original sound and their latest release “Sunday Mornings” is no exception. “Sunday Mornings” is the name of their latest reggae release, which conveys the appropriate message with its very simple to-the-point message.

April And The Drift made their debut with their first album “Shorelines” and since  then, the duo has been contributing to the modern music industry with a number of original songs. The song was produced by Fidel Carmona, who also arranged the instruments.

Written and composed many songs till now, their new release “Sunday Mornings” is also going to have a theme which was elaborated by the duo. In the writer’s perspective as a lyricist and singer, the sharp difference between the  Sunday morning mood and the Monday morning sensation can be very different.

When one has the time to wake up slowly and focus on the important things in life, life is better, the singer-songwriter, April, explains. Another reason why the artist believes that Monday, and maybe also Tuesday, should be declared a public holiday across the globe is due to how there are very few things in this life that can leave you feeling much worse than spending almost all of your wakeful hours on some type of monetary work, which may, first of all, not really be suitable for you, and therefore also, not really helping you grow into best kind of person you could otherwise be spending your time on growing into becoming.

The singer further elaborates by saying how she has no clue who came up with the concept of defining “regular” employment as working Monday through to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the overwhelming part of the year as “normal”, although she would be very excited to learn some more about it from those who continue to promote this human lifestyle as still, the way of the future.

She goes on and elaborates how “nothing is really work unless you’d rather be spending your time on something else”. Tragically, a lot of well-paying modern jobs does not necessarily entail the activities that she believes could help us all grow into better people, like for instance, writing and playing more music.

These are the topics, which are addressed in the story of “Sunday Mornings” and it is almost certain that the listeners will enjoy this wonderfully chilled modern jazz- reggae journey of a song.

About April and The Drift:

April and the Drift is a contributor to several songs and their latest release “Sunday Mornings” is no exception.

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