The Sims 4 – Guide to Ghosts and Types of Death

The Sims 4 - Guide to Ghosts and Types of Death


The theme of death, already present since the first chapter, has gradually deepened with the evolution of the series, starting from The Sims, to the seven types of death that already exist, countless ways have been added for the Sims to pass tragically to a better life. Some of these, such as the invasion of flies in The Sims 2, turned out to be really bizarre, in keeping with the grotesque style that characterizes the series. The death and ghosts of The Sims 4 are no exception.

What the games have in common is the presence of spirits, a form that Sims acquire once they die. If in the past the type of death mostly determined their appearance, with the arrival of the fourth chapter the focus has shifted, as we will see, to their behavior.

The moment of passing away

The dynamics with which the Sim loses their life depend on the type of death that hit them, but in most cases the character will collapse to the ground and then remain motionless waiting for the grim reaper. This creature, committed full time to bringing the dead to the afterlife, will then perform its usual ritual (in The Sims 4 modernized by the presence of a tablet), and before leaving will create a tomb for the deceased.

If you have another person nearby, you can have them intervene by begging the sad to give the dying Sim a second chance. To do this, you need to click on the sad, then click on beg for. The interaction is only available before the Sim’s body is transformed into a spirit, so hurry up in these cases.

The chances of the creature granting the request depend on the bond the begging person has with the dying Sim: the stronger the bond, the more likely it is that the sad one will bring the dying Sim back to life. The eventualities of an acceptance of the supplication become certainties if you have a flower of death in the inventory: thanks to the Give the flower interaction, the Sim can in fact donate the plant to the sad one who, at the sight of the gift, will immediately consent.

The Sim’s Tomb

However, if you decide not to intervene, the Sim will disappear, and after the death of the sad, his only reference will be the tomb (or the urn, in case he died inside a building). The tomb offers the following interactions:

  • Mourning for: Makes the Sim mourn the deceased. It gives a sad mood.
  • Engrave Epitaph: Allows the player to write an epitaph on the Sim’s grave.
  • Strengthen the connection with the physical world: after some time from the death of a Sim, his soul will begin to free itself from the earthly dimension and if no action is taken, the ghost will disappear from the game in an irreversible way. This interaction makes it possible to avoid all of this.
  • Leave an offer for a sugar skull: it allows you to attract celebrants of the Dia de Los Muertos to the lot and you can ask for a sugar skull.
  • Inventory: Place the tomb in the active Sim’s inventory.

Resurrect a ghost

Among the possibilities offered by the game, there is also that of bringing a dead Sim back to life. This is possible in two ways: through the preparation of Ambrosia or through the wishing well. Whichever method you choose, your Sim will come back to life in the age group they were in when they passed away.

Types of death and ghosts in The Sims 4

There are currently 19 types of death in The Sims 4, and none of them are accidental except that from old age. This means that their advent is not random but can only be forced by the player.

All the types of death are detailed below. For each of them, the way in which it arrives and the reactive behavior of the ghost is indicated.

  • Death from old age
  • Starvation death
  • Death by fire
  • Death by electrocution
  • Many more

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