The Skool of Hip Hop: Changing Career Mindsets Through Passion for Dancing

For anyone who has a passion for dance, the Skool of Hip Hop is the go-to studio to join, not only to practice and hone your dancing skills but also to learn how to make a career from dance.

The Skool of Hip Hop believes that dance need not just be a part-time past time, but for those who are passionate and dedicated, it can be a career choice, a profession. Here at the Skool of Hip Hop, we educate dancers about how they can earn from their passion for dance. The students are shown and taught about making dance concepts. They are also given an international platform like no one else is doing in India.

The school wants to create a revolution in the dance industry by building an all-pervasive dance culture, by taking a 360-degree approach to dance – teaching all aspects of the industry.

We are empowering students by providing extra guidance and training through which they can get the clarity to earn and how to approach this profession, to reach a certain level so that they can happily put food on their family’s’ table by pursuing dance.

Unfortunately, there is a perception in our society that this profession is not good at all in terms of making a living out of it, but in reality, it’s a huge industry and there are a lot of opportunities and work, but you have to see it in the right perspective and have a clear vision here we help students to achieve that.

We guide students on how they can grab all the opportunities which are there – and we believe they are massive, especially in this age of the internet and so many social media platforms, to show their talents.

Prince Thareja used to teach people in parks for free where he and his team created a fantastic atmosphere and visual treat to the people who are coming from their office stress. His essential thinking is to give and create a positive environment with dance in parks. By doing this, he is able to select and help some gem of dancers from streets who wants to dance, but don’t have the right financial conditions.

Prince Thareja helps such dancers and includes them in his Skool of Hip Hop. All these things make Skool of Hip Hop one of the best dance studios in India.

He believes that talent is not the main issue here but the clarity and obstacles to pursue it as a profession is the real deal and they as an organization are solving that.

Prince Thareja’s mission right now is to build an online platform and an online brand so that everyone can watch and appreciate their talents.

Their videos across mediums have become increasingly popular and have gained massive viewerships, loved by the entire country. Through the expansion of Skool of Hip Hop all over India, he wants to dignify such talent in the form of profession.

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