The Smart Dust Collection System That Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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In the past seventy years, the dust collection industry has not changed much, as most companies continue to follow the same steps and processes. Yet, many organizations do not focus enough time and effort when considering the importance of collecting dust in factories.

One of the most important reasons is the medical impact on those in the surrounding areas of the factory, as it can cause many internal respiratory issues and various forms of cancers. 

If this was not enough of an incentive for factory owners and people in business to make a significant change on their own, many local government agencies and various initiatives have been implemented to encourage them to do so. Though many might view these changes as a hefty investment, picking the right dust collection system can pay for itself, help you build savings and reduce your carbon footprint by 25%.

One such system is designed by Ecogate, an industry leader in factory dust collection and energy conservation. Their system directly applies suction to exactly where it is needed in real-time using intelligent controls and uses only one-third of the electricity compared to other traditional methods.

Ecogate improves dust, fume and mist systems by applying science-based and data-driven technology,allowing the organization the power to control the system in real-time. This patented system has improved employees’ lives, overall business functionality, and our planet’s health for just under 25 years. 

Some of the improvements that the Ecogate method implements into factories are as follows:


30-50% of factories’ electricity usage is by their dust collection system. The machines are typically powered by one on/off switch, constantly running throughout the day. Because not all machines are actively removing dust at all times, this results in a substantial amount of wasted energy

Ecogate uses intelligent sensors and automated controls that detect machine activity  in real-time and activate the dust removal systems as needed. The sensors allow factory owners and machine operators to identify the functionality of their devices. This allows for overall better performance and significant energy savings

Dust Gates

Automatic dust gates work hand in hand with the sensors. They open and close automatically  to let airflow to machines that need dust collection and close to machines that do not. A variable frequency drive will choose the fan’s speed to allow the correct airspeed by observing the workplace of the particular workstation. 

Between the sensors and dust gates, these live observations that Ecogate uses in their method contribute to the system’s reliability by functioning in a better, cleaner, quieter, and safer manner.

The design and functionality can result in a longer life expectancy and less maintenance issues for the machinery and its parts, meaning that the Ecogate system can again save factory owners costs Employees will also notice these system upgrades by their company will contribute to a safer and healthier workplace environment and appreciate their organization for being mindful of their health and well-being, instead of just profit. 

“We are looking to the future and advancing the industry further as the leader,” said Richard Melrose-Vice, President of Ecogate. “Companies are beginning to see the overall significance of the issue at hand.

The industry is heading towards a boom with all the various incentives that organizations have available at their disposal.” Ecogate has been trusted by some of the world’s most prominent organizations, such as Andersen Corporation, Sauder Woodworking, and GlaxoSmithKline, to name a few. 

Despite the industry doing the same thing for decades, Ecogate is an industry innovator that has made the issue of dust collection more relevant than ever before. With their overall goal of bringing organizations into a more safe and healthy work environment, Ecogate is revolutionizing the future of dust, fume and mist collection by advancing one company at a time.

Ecogate will continue to make changes that withstand time to make a genuine difference through constant innovation and advancements.

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