The Social app That Claims Security and Safety of Young Minds.

Social interaction is very important to interact and explore different nature of people all around the world, there are different ways to interact with different people, now a day there are many social apps that promote online socializing.

Social interaction with people throughout the world is more amazing through these online apps, Now there are several social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Yubo is a social platform it is also an online social app that can be used for healthy social interactions. Yubo safety strategies are very strong.

What do these social apps do?

These social apps are used for marketing, many businessespromote their products worldwide through these social apps, and there are countless Instagram pages for marketing.

Other than these social pages there are several influencers have high number of followers, many brands reach them for promotion, and in return, they charge these brands.

Instagram promotion is a business in itself, having an advantage for both business and clients.

This is the most appropriate method of promotion instead of wasting money and time on advertisement, your business is being promoted through small reels.

More people will come to know about your products and business.

Moreover, the promotion is world wide it is the best way to spread your business throughout the world.

these apps will allow you to interact with many people at one time throughout the world, you may haven’t seen someone in a reality but became your best friend on these social apps.

There is a race of likes and comments on these apps which spread toxicity on these apps.

Yubo and other social apps:

Yubo is the social app used for interaction and for sharing information through reels and posts, it helps in spreading massage world wide but there is no race or competition for likes and comments.

Thus it spread positivity and advertises only healthy interaction.

The Yubo developers used realtime exchange technology and enable you to communicate and be friends from any part of the world.

They can communicate, talk about their favorite topics get friends with people of the same interest, experiencing Yubo is itself fun.

There are many scams associated with these social apps, but Yubo is free of these scams like false identity, due to this reason users can interact, and chat throughout their lives.

The usage of these social apps increases due to increase online socializing.

Yubo is really safe app.

It is most popular among youth or children of age 16 to 21 covering 75% of 60 billion yubo users.

12 million users are from the US which is one of the largest markets in the world.

Easy to use yubo:

You have to download this app and make your profile, it has an age limit of 13 years old, the user must be older the 13 years, and the process of making a profile is very easy.

Using this strategy this app will introduce you to people of your age. As the app separated people basis on their age groups so the same age group people can interact with each other and get to know more likeminded people.

It is the safe app:

There are many safetyrelated problems with other apps, for example, the wrong information or the wrong age, or gender but yubo confirms the whole bio and created a safe environment.

Their main goal is to create a safe and secure platform for all the users, as most of the users are Young people so yubo considersthis their responsibility to take care of their mental health.


Yubo verifies the whole information provided by users and ensures that sameage people are interacting, this is done through proper age verification of them.

They use different strategies to ensure that the age mentioned is correct, you can not upload a random picture, it requires the users picture the most recent one, then the software confirms the age using the profile photo.

Face algorithms are matched to ensure authenticity.

More it can readily detect wrong pictures, phone numbers, or any other misleading information.

It immediately recognizes the one who uses different accounts, this decreases virtual harassment and reduces the ratio of crimes.

The age is particularly recognized, and immediately point out the scammers who use misleading or false information, you can’t make a fake account at yubo, thus the bullying crime on the internet which is increasing day by day can be decreased as anyone who attempted to do so can be recognized.

Their main aim or goal is to ensure a safe and protective environment for their users, thus in case of any discrepancy the case is immediately reported and the whole information is confidential the authority will respond within 24 hours.

Positive environment:

Yubo created a positive environment by analyzing all the lives, videos, or online posts and comments of the general public, in such a way no one can create negativity or leave a false comment under any post, and the content is also analyzed keenly by authorities to check what the general public is consuming.

This is the first app that uses realtime invention in their app, due to this a popup message is seen in the case of sharing any personal information which is forbidden for yubo users.

 If you see any inappropriate content, you can report it, the authority will handle the case and it will be deleted, thus it protects Young minds from consuming inappropriate content.

As most users are young minds so yubo confirms the safety with help of a child safety specialist, they collaborated with different specialists to create a harmonious environment for the Young generation.

Cyberbullying and cybercrime are increasing now a day and yubo works with a different organization that aims to reduce the rate of cyberbullying.

Educating their users:

Yubo have safety hubs, it not only decreases cyberbullying through its secure service but also educate Young people, and parents on how to deal with such situation.

Here is a community guide live that all the yubo users have to read before getting access to this app.

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