The South First Minority Owned Dispensary Lavender House CLT is now Open

Power couple Lindsey Smith and her husband Wilfredo Rosa, are the first minority couple to open a minority-owned CBD dispensary in the south. The dispensary’s main focus is to promote health and medical benefits in the black communities. The first location of its kind has been opened in the Noda Charlotte, NC Area.

The wife Lindsey, is of African American and of Native American heritage, while Freddy Rosa is Latino. Smith, is a designer and create of a luxury swimwear line entitled carmenellas, while Rosa has been in the CBD industry for 30 years.

With marijuana still being illegal to use in the south, the couple’s slogan “cannabis meets community,” is centered to educate communities of the health and wellness benefits of using CBD.

Not only does the husband-and-wife owners ethic backgrounds separate them from the predominantly white-dominated CBD industry in the south but Lavender House CLT is also unique in its own way. While most CBD companies buy from other companies.

Lavender House CLT specializes in making all their products home based. The category of products offered by Lavender House CLT include organic CBD oil, Chapstick, pain salve, massage oil, CBD themed merchandise, CBD soap. lotion, hand sanitizer, and more products.

CBD cannabis has always been given a bad name associated with marijuana even though there are no properties of THC or getting you high,” Rosa said, referring to tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for the psychological effects of marijuana. “CBD is a wellness and health product.” Unfortunately, there’s a bad stigma with the name and we’re planning on changing that with Lavender House CLT.

Rosa, saids the all natural products are used to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. CBD assists with sleep insomnia and pain relief.

Last Wednesday, the couple held the grand opening for Lavender House CLT on Cinco de Mayo for an overall celebration of fun activities, live entertainment, taco food trucks, a pianta, free adult CBD candy sampling, and a bud bar of tastemakers pre-rolls. The event also served as an introduction to the new exclusive CBD Chaldea cup to the community.

In the future, the business plans to release edibles, CBD sweet tea, juice, and lemonade, while expanding in other states and cities such as Atlanta, Charleston, Orlando, Los Angles, and Puerto Rico. During the summer, the couple plans to host festivals to spread the awareness of health and medical benefits to the communities. “We would love to host community festivals or events with other CBD owners here in Charlotte,” Rosa said.

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