The Story Behind Kendall H. Shaw & Gabriel Pfeifer: How These Serial Entrepreneurs Came to be

Kendall H. Shaw and Gabriel Pfeifer met through a mutual friend while attending Joel Kaplan’s Mastermind Course, and they quickly realized just how much they shared a common mindset. Originally from Tampa Bay, both were driven entrepreneurs that had been working since a young age to be their own boss and achieve success on their terms.

Kendall opened his first marketing company when he was only sixteen, and Gabriel had worked selling products door-to-door before starting his own company, Seven Figure Solar. They both admired the freedom that came with being an entrepreneur, and were committed to exceeding client expectations.

They wanted to control who they worked with and worked for, selectively choosing clients and partners rather than working for a boss they didn’t align with. It didn’t take long for the pair to realize their strengths were compatible, and that if they worked together, they could set a new precedent for serial entrepreneurialism.

They went all-in on Gabriel’s business, and like most companies, Seven Figure Solar struggled with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. But through the pair’s ingenuity and grit, they were able to recover and quickly began seeing exponential growth.

Joining Their Expertise and Bursting onto the Entrepreneurial Scene  

Seven Figure Solar is a marketing agency catered to solar companies. They help solar companies generate high-quality leads so that all the client has to do is simply “show up and close.” 

By simply showing up, Gabriel and Kendall have helped Seven Figure Solar clients to double or triple their revenue in half the industry standard time.

With Gabriel’s high-level thinking, and Kendall’s skill for product fulfillment and client success, the partnership thrives through the pair’s different but complementary strengths. They hit the ground running and continued scaling the company through the entrepreneurial belief that growth never peaks.

Like many young entrepreneurs, Kendall and Gabriel had a keen sense of how social media could allow their company to expand. They connected with like-minded individuals through instagram, and built a core team of result-based talent.

Having a core team of talent that could be trusted, Gabriel and Kendall could focus their expertise on higher-level matters of scaling and growth, confident that the needs of the client were being consistently met and exceeded with similar standards.

Gabriel and Kendall have also proved themselves as masters of paid advertising. Their strategies have allowed Seven Figure Solar to gain tremendous momentum solely from paid ads. As anyone who has used paid ads can tell you, this is no easy feat.

The pair had no plans to slow down, and due to high demand, they recently brought on a team of salespeople who are constantly making calls and closing deals.

Entering the Entrepreneurial World with Success

Despite running one thriving company, Kendall and Gabriel are continuing their entrepreneurial ambitions with a host of new endeavors.

They recently acquired and began scaling two additional companies: an e-commerce call center that helps close deals for clients, and a solar company.

Owning a solar company, while helping other solar companies scale, makes them uniquely positioned within the industry. It also allows them to intimately understand the challenges solar companies face, and the needs their customers want met.

Having proven their ability to acquire and successfully run businesses, the pair plans to continue to own and scale more companies, while also supplementing the growth of their existing ventures. Gabriel and Kendall have proven that teamwork and initiative are critical factors in a company’s success. Their thriving businesses are only the beginning.

If you would like to learn more about Gabriel Pfeifer and Kendall H Shaw, and their entrepreneurial expertise and current initiatives, you can follow them on their Instagram accounts.

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