The Story of Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) Game!

If you’ve ever heard of the insanely popular platform NewGrounds, then you have most likely heard of Friday Night Funkin’. Friday Night Funkin’ or more commonly known as FNF is an open source donation based rhythm game. The primary way to play the game used to be on New Grounds, an open donationware platform where you can play a lot of featured games and movies.

Though I must say, New Grounds’ popularity was tanking in recent years. Not many people were approaching the platform, which was once one of the biggest and most beloved platforms for flash games in the early 2000s. 

However, with the release of Friday Night Funkin’, New Grounds was revitalised with a breath of fresh air. People have once again begun flocking to the incredibly popular platform, and that is what makes Friday Night Funkin’ so important! However, the one thing that is keeping Friday Night Funkin’ from being even more powerful or important is NewGrounds’ platform.

The platform is quite old and not really capable of including so many players upon it at the same time. This is why we suggest that you check out FNF on . We believe that FnF should be played by everyone, and so we suggest checking out Play-Games to play not just FnF, but even more player created games just like it!

There’s such a huge variety to check out on Play-Games, that you’ll have more than enough content to spend your time on for years! RIght, so let’s talk about Friday Night Funkin’!


The gameplay itself is extremely simple. The game is inspired by the art style of flash games from the older times of browser gaming. It looks cute and is simple to play, with a minimal design in the control scheme. You play as the boyfriend, who must kiss his girlfriend but in order to do so, you must defeat other characters in singing or rap battles. 

You must time the right buttons at the right time, to keep the rhythm and the jam going! It’s essentially that simple. The other characters can be characters from external media such as Mickey Mouse for one, or other characters from popular NewGrounds projects such as their most popular films or their most popular games. This Scott Pilgrim sort of story has a never-ending beauty to it. 


Well, it wasn’t just a one-man job here. While the project was initially started at the hands of Cameron Taylor, aka NinjaMuffin99. David “Phantom Arcade” Brown and Isaac Garcia aka Kawai Spirit also joined the crew later on to help with the designs, animations and more. There was also evilsk8r as an addition to the roster before the game was put into a prototype. 

By October of 2020, the small team had gone on to create a pretty decent prototype that had only a few handful songs and it didn’t even have any menus yet. The prototype went live to HUGE success, thousands of people played the game and requested for a full fledge game that they could get sink their teeth into. Ninjamuffin99 later confirmed that they did have plans to make it into a full game, which they eventually did indeed!


The FNF updates are a fairly straight forward affair. Each update will usually make a few small changes to the overall aesthetic, making it either a bit sharper or a bit more colourful. Other than that, there’s the additional content such as a few new songs in each update as well as new fights. 

Week 2 of FNF for example launched exactly a week after the prototype version, adding some menus and a few new songs, as well as a new fight. This same trend has been going on, while Week 7 itself was a timed exclusive event which essentially broke the NewGround site out of additional traffic.

If you want to check out the content that Friday Night Funkin’ has been putting out recently, you should head over to Play-Games as that platform is much more stable and optimized for higher traffic. 


Friday Night Funkin: The Full Ass Game, is the most ambitious chapter in the history of Friday Night Funkin yet. This will be a full platform release of Friday Night Funkin, designed to be a game that players can dig deep into. Their goal is to have 60 songs, which is around 20 weeks worth of content. Not to mention, they wish to expand on the already amazing, working formula of FNF.

This means that they wish to change up the art style and direction of the game a bit, intigrate fully animated cutscenes, creating a mobile build of the game, adding a custom characte creator while also making sure the controls see baby steps in evolution. 

The kickstarter page highlights everything very well so you can go on and check that out for yourself and choose to support the game if you wish! You can use this link to reach the Friday Night Funkin: The Full Ass Game kickstarter page!


Since the game was made for an open-source platform, it’s got a hugely popular modding community behind it to support the game. This means that there is an everlasting amount of player created content on there. This is the list of some of our favorite player created mod songs! 

  1. BB: The Big Brother Mod is an emotional and sentimental attachment to the game, pitting Boyfriend up against his older brother!
  2. Mid Fight Masses: This is our pick for the most difficult mod of songs to FNF! The mod starts our quite slow and controlled, but the difficulty ramps up to a maximum later on!
  3. B Sides: B Sides features a remix and a rework of characters already featured in the browser game aside from Week 7. This is a really difficult mod because the remixes fundamentally change the songs and make everything even harder than ever before!
  4. V.S NEON: This is the most artistically resonant mod for Friday Night Funkin’! It changes the game’s art style to an 8-bit design, as a collaboration between Advent NEON and Friday Night Funkin! It’s not absurdly difficult but it’s still infectious!
  5. Tabi: Also known as Versus the Ex-Boyfriend! This already puts in a more complicated spin onto the narrative, giving us a bit more insight into the Girlfriend’s tastes before the Boyfriend.


Friday Night Funkin’ is one of the most impressive games to come out of NewGrounds’ open-source, yet fairly mundane platform. Somehow, this game has more heart and passion than most games that are being created with hundreds of millions worth of budget.

If you want to check out Friday Night Funkin’, dive deep into the Boyfriend and his quest to kiss the girlfriend; you can check out Friday Night Funkin’ as well as a ton of games like it on Play-Games! You can check it out using the link we have attached below!

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