The Story of Lorenzo Escobal: From car Washer to Serial Entrepreneur

Isn’t it amazing to know and learn about all those people who have shown what it really takes to become the best in the vast and competitive world of business? These individuals, especially youngsters, are the ones who have exuded everything that can help a person become their best version in their areas of interest. Also, one cannot deny the fact that it takes a lot of courage and determination to not only listen to what the heart seeks but also make pertinent efforts to gain success on that path.

We came across one such high performing and passionate young business mind, who today has earned an amazing name and fame as a serial entrepreneur from Canada; he is Lorenzo Escobal. This young man converted his one-man operation into a multiple award-winning automotive detailing company, with several employees and international recognition; in the form of his company named Inception Automotive Detailing.

Born in 1992 in Manila, Philippines, Lorenzo grew up in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Canada. Before turning 10, he and his family moved to Canada and, throughout the years, he has imbibed in him the various experiences and cultures of the places he has lived at so far. Today, he has earned it huge as an auto detailer, the brain behind ‘Inception Automotive Detailing’.

Not just that, as an under-30 young talent, Lorenzo is also a serial entrepreneur, co-inventor, public speaker, media maven and a thought leader in the field of executive management and innovation. Lorenzo earned an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Ontario, where he developed an inclination towards the idea of his first business of automotive detailing.

Ask him what motivates him, and the young entrepreneur excitingly says that he is motivated to give every customer their own version of the ‘new driving experience’. Innovation and creativity have acted like the youngsters’ best friends, which has helped him generate great and refreshing ideas for his business. Apart from that, he is also a foodie, talented musician and a world traveller.

He is more than just a car washer and goes ahead in consulting his clients honestly about their vehicles to address specific needs. He also focuses on always providing world-class services to all his customers and ignites their minds with the right knowledge about the products and services available, which has allowed the young entrepreneur to develop and maintain strong customer relationships.

In a short span of time, Lorenzo morphed from being a student to becoming a successful young businessman responsible enough to care for supercars, roadsters, luxury autos and so much more. For Lorenzo, the most rewarding part of his work right now is being able to survive and flourish even amidst a pandemic.

He also believes that anyone can achieve success like his and for that only needs to follow his footsteps to find success as a serial entrepreneur. With that, he also reminds people of surrounding themselves with success and filling their dreams with hopes and fantasies that keep them hungry.

In the next five years, Lorenzo will be doing something for the health of our planet. His new organization, Industriasys Corp, has recently developed a new breakthrough patent-pending (with USPTO) ZERO EMISSION power generation system and methods using hydrocarbon-based fuel.

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