The Tax Deed Wolf is Breaking the Mold for Affordable Property Investment

2021 is the year of opportunity! The pandemic has given many people the perspective and space to build something new and chase that goal, but what if that new goal was to generate wealth, success and freedom through real-estate? You’d most likely be scoffing at the idea, but Army Veteran and entrepreneur Joseph Griffin, the Tax Deed Wolf is here to show you that you don’t need to have a giant amount of capital lying around to get into property investing, and you can get big property wins for as little as $1,000!

At only 29, Joseph has a wealth of life experience under his belt, with an 11 year career as an Army Veteran; including 2 deployments, certification as a Registered Nurse with experience managing ICU wards, and even helping people repair their credit! Joseph embodies the word “service“, and after finding his own successes in real-estate by tapping into potential of tax deed auctions, Joseph is once again giving back to his community and sharing his wisdom.

Exploiting the under-explored market of tax deed auctions, Joseph has created a reputation for himself, helping hundreds of ambitious people get their foot in the door and start generating real value in the oldest, most tested established industry for accruing wealth that is guaranteed to stand the test of time; real-estate. He’s even worked with established realtors, teaching them his strategies for success in the field through the Tax Deed Wolf Academy.

Joseph made his first property purchase with only $3,000, selling that property within the same month for $10,000 and is famous for real-estate rampage he went on, buying three properties in 30 days with a budget of only $5,000! Through tax deed auctions Joseph is able to secure properties well under their actual value while the state tries to reclaim unpaid property taxes, selling them off at their recommended value at a later date and proving that you don’t need to be a realtor to find the best deals.

While serving in the Army as a combat medic, Joseph was inspired by his peers who pushed him to create something better for himself. “While overseas I learned so much from my peers. Most of them were either business owners or had master’s degrees in various fields.” recalls Joseph. “When I came home, I went straight for the books!

One of Joseph’s goals is to help people build their personal version of success. He’s worked hard to gain the financial stability and freedom to work on his businesses while also being present with his family, and he wants others to experience that same freedom. “I love the look on my client’s faces when I get their credit score increased or I show them how they can purchase property for under $1,000,” Joseph noted, “But the most important thing is when they can understand their “why”. That “why” is going to be your motivation to keep striving and not give up!

Joseph wants to break the mold of real-estate and property investing being a closed-off game where the rich get richer, and is utilizing his strategies to give other ambitious people the opportunity to get into the industry, build their portfolios and create their version of success with investments that don’t break the bank. Way less than these big real-estate investors would have you believe!

If you want to create the stable, free future of your dreams harnessing the power of affordable property investing, connect with the Tax Deed Wolf Joseph Griffin through his website, Instagram and Twitter pages today!

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