The Three Core Values That Have Taken YODEZEEN Architects to New Heights

Architecture is not exactly an easy feat.  It is a competitive industry and finding one’s foothold can be quite tricky. YODEZEEN Architects, which was founded by Artem Zverev and Artur Sharf, is no exception.

They started out back in 2010 as recent architectural graduates. They had three things: a dream, core values, and a degree.  What they have done with those three ingredients is taking the architectural world by storm. Today, they have offices all over the world: Miami, Milan, Los Angeles, Kyiv, and Moscow.  

It All Starts With a Dream: Keep Dreaming

Over the course of the past decade, YODEZEEN has made a name for itself and has been the recipient of several awards and prizes which have further amplified their notoriety.

They have been titled “Interior Design of the Year” most recently in 2021 in the category of “eating space” for their architectural work on Virgin Izakaya Bar. However, in the beginning, no one knew their name. The pair, Zverev and Sharf, offered designs for free in hopes to draw clientele as well as to build up their portfolios.

They took on small projects like designing and building an aviary and arbor as their first projects. It all revolved around their dream of wanting to create and design.  In an interview with the pair, they referred to themselves as dreamers, “we were just young guys — dreamers who wanted to create an outstanding design.”

The pair did indeed go on to create outstanding designs. They have eleven years to show for it.  They have worked on restaurants like the Catch Seafood Restaurant which alone, was awarded three awards. And currently, they are working towards establishing a high class, suburban cottage community as a new project they are labelling, “YORESIDENCE”.

In an interview, the founders were asked about their core values. Amongst them was dreaming as they replied, “keep dreaming. Do your best.” And that is certainly the case as just as they were once dreamers, they continue to dream as they put their efforts towards big projects and works and keep looking up to the future.

Next, they hope to tackle more commercialized architectural feats like the hotel industry. In the quotes of the founders themselves, “Eleven years passed, and we remained dreamers, but now we have a good base and history behind us. And looking back, we understand: dreams may lead you anywhere.”

Find Your Nerds”

Another core value the founders have cited as an integral backbone to their success is the emphasis of finding like minded individuals to collaborate with. YODEZEEN Architects began with two people but today it is a company teaming with many architects and interior designers.  Together they have built a strong partnership that has led them down the route of success that they enjoy today and largely made it possible.

Zverev and Sharf certainly pride themselves in that as they have said in gratitude and recognition, “it is worth remembering that there is always a big team behind big names. We admire ours.”

The pair have gone further to emphasize the importance of a team as well as like minded partners, “It is difficult to find good partners who are the same nerds like you. However, it is possible. Just look for your nerds.”  That right there is amongst their core values: “find your nerds.  Make a family.”

Strive For Perfection

Looking at any architectural masterpiece that YODEZEEN Architects is behind, one thought easily crosses one’s mind: perfection. Striving for perfection is the third topmost core value that YODEZEEN lives by, “create every project from a scratch. Do it perfectly.” The team makes it a mission and point to address each project with the individuality and customization it deserves.

There is no “one size fits all” type of concept with YODEZEEN. To the contrary, each project is tailored to the specific lifestyle and comfort of the client kept in mind all throughout the curation and design process.  

It’s not “cut and paste” either – the majority if not all is done from scratch which contributes to the YODEZEEN style. When asked about their style, the founders replied, “that’s just YODEZEEN. Nothing less, nothing more.”  

YODEZEEN Architects’ core values have served as a recipe for success as 2021 is taking the company into new heights.  What’s next?  To keep up with YODEZEEN Architects, check out their social media handles: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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