The Timeless NFT Collection Branching Out From Treeverse


We’re all about highlighting the hidden gems of the NFT market here at Influencive, and today’s subject is certainly just that.

Back in January, we covered one of the brightest hopes for crypto gaming, Treeverse, during their pre-alpha launch. If you missed that and need to brush up on how it was received by those who tested the game, check out the article here: “Treeverse: The Next Big Thing In Mobile Gaming?”

Treeverse is being developed by Endless Clouds, the studio founded by beloved Web3 personality, Loopify. Although the game continues to be built and won’t be live for some time, there has been a development with one of the collections associated with Treeverse.

What Is Timeless?


Holders of Treeverse plots were allocated a corresponding Timeless avatar according to their plot number. Additionally, holders of NFTrees were also allocated a Timeless, but the mint price was waived in their case. Any Timeless that remained unminted after a period of time were then available to purchase by the public, with the kicker being that anybody – with a bit of digging – could view the NFT first, thus creating a frenzy to mint the rarest first.

While it has always been stated that Timeless is purely a cosmetic to be used in-game, there’s long been murmurings that the team sees an opportunity for Timeless to become something bigger than just that alone.

Last week, the Timeless Twitter account came to life and welcomed fans into its own Discord, separate from the Treeverse one it previously resided in. The account states in its introductory tweet: “They (Timeless) will travel with you across digital realms, expressed in different mediums: 2D, 3D, pixel, vtubers & more. Combining collectibles, metaverse and fashion. It’s not a promise, it’s a mission.”


What’s Next?

Speaking long term, probably a lot if that graphic above is anything to go by. But setting aside wild speculation, in the short term Timeless is kicking it’s journey off as a gateway to a hotly anticipated project created by someone very close to its own home.

In what is seemingly a little known fact among the wider market, the artist behind Timeless is none other than Ether founder, @visionofviii. Getting on the whitelist for Ether has been something many have been attempting to do for some time, with art contests being held to determine who gets a coveted spot to join the ranks.

If you’re not much of an artist however, there’s a much easier way – own a Timeless.

Raffle Details


There are 195 Ether whitelist spots to be raffled off, with each Timeless owned representing 1 raffle ticket. For every 5 Timeless you hold, the max amount of WL spots you can get goes up by 1 (with a cap of 20.) Additionally, 5 spots have been set aside for an art competition – so if you are an artist, you’ve got a fairly great chance of being successful here!

Closing Thoughts

Despite the significant interest in Ether, it’s surprising that Timeless hasn’t gained more attention and ridden the coattails of the hype surrounding viii’s project. Loopify and Endless Clouds prefer not to make continuous hype-driven announcements, which may not align with the standard NFT degen mentality and could explain why the collection isn’t receiving more attention.

Nevertheless, when they do make announcements, they are worth paying attention to and will speak for themselves. Timeless, apart from the Ether opportunity, is a solid long-term investment with a trusted team supporting it. Is Timeless and the Treeverse collection a sleeping giant that could become a blue-chip in a year or two? I wouldn’t bet against it.

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