The Top 16 Skweezer Alternatives

Buying Instagram followers is one thing, but it can only get you so far. Plus, it’s unethical to purchase fake followers in an attempt to fool people into thinking your account’s supposed “social proof” is genuine. What does it mean to be successful on social media? You get to define what success means based on your goals. 

Perhaps you do want a larger audience or, preferably, a more engaged one. Maybe you want more comments, or wish to drive sales. Whatever your hopes are, your number of followers will only account for so much. 

This begs another question: how do you accomplish your social media goals, whatever they may be? Whether you are a business or personal brand owner, there are helpful tools that can guide you through a landscape that is challenging to navigate. Many people turn to tools like Skweezer, but here are a few alternatives, as well as resources that offer more robust features: 

1. YoViral

Interacting with other people’s posts is an important part of participating on Instagram, but you don’t want to waste your time manually clicking through profiles hoping that someone will follow you back. 

When you purchase YoViral’s recurring monthly package, it detects whenever you upload a new image or video and sends you real likes and views automatically. Best of all, you can easily set up YoViral in two clicks; all it requires is your Instagram username and payment info, and you’re ready to go. 

2. ViralRace

The best way to expose your profile to potential new followers is to make sure they see your content. This is easier said than done: there are tools and tricks like hashtags, posting at the right times of day, etc., but your goal is ultimately to end up on the Discover page in order to watch your audience grow. 

You can carry out all sorts of tedious tasks to catch people’s attention, such as liking random posts and commenting on them, but you’re wasting your time if you do so without a strategy. 

ViralRace pushes your content in front of people who are likely to be interested in it based on their past interactions with similar material. If you run a cupcake business, it doesn’t make sense to push your content to dog and cat Instagrammers—you want to connect with people who have expressed an interest in baking. ViralRace doesn’t use fake followers, either; you can choose between instant and gradual progression and watch likes and comments from real, intrigued people start rolling in. 

3. Combin

Think about the time you spent planning an Instagram campaign. You have ideas for content, a few posts ready to go, your publishing strategy, etc. So, you launch it—but it fails, and you have no idea why. 

This is why insights and analytics are essential for executing a successful campaign. Why stumble around blindfolded, trying to understand which efforts are working through trial and error, when graphs and charts can tell you what your audience responds to best? Instagram has native analytics for business profiles, but sometimes it helps to have the additional features that come with resources like those Combin provides. 

4. Kicksta

Kicksta employs the abilities of artificial intelligence to help you grow your Instagram audience organically but quickly. By listing your competitors, brands you think complement yours, and other influencers in your field, Kicksta helps you tap into their existing audiences rather than trying to amass people from all corners of the platform. 

You can auto-engage with these followers to get them to notice you and find yourself engaged in authentic interactions instead of relying on ghost followers and useless comments that may be inappropriate. 

5. Jarvee

Jarvee is a Windows-based software that can automate various aspects of your social media campaigns, such as liking posts. It works across multiple platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Depending on your brand type, you might not be trying to use social media to become successful on, well, social media—you might prefer to drive traffic to an external website or blog. 

Jarvee can help you leverage each platform to direct people to where you want them to go while still augmenting your audience. Jarvee can help you find niche groups to join online, too, which exposes you to audiences that are predisposed to like your profile. 

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a popular resource for social media analytics. As we already said, you don’t want to stumble through your campaign, so it’s important to understand what efforts are working and which are not—and why. 

To do this, you need to understand your audience: what do they like to see? What are their demographics and social media habits? How often are they online? With Sprout Social, you can adjust and cater your campaign strategy according to your audience’s reactions. Data-driven decisions are more likely to result in social media success, and it frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. 

7. Upleap

As we’ve said, using Instagram for business purposes is not as easy as you would imagine. If you feel overwhelmed with all the factors that go into it, even with analytics helping you determine how to proceed, Upleap partners you with a knowledgeable account manager to guide you along. 

That’s right—a real, human account manager, not an impersonal bot. You want to have a positive business relationship with your account manager, so you are able to learn their name, where they are located, and what their social media marketing experience is like. This way, you can rely on someone who has an understanding of your goals and history to help you move forward. 

8. Hootsuite

How would you like to manage multiple social media accounts from one centralized dashboard? Not only is doing so more convenient than constantly switching between profiles on different websites, but it also enables you to manage them more effectively and efficiently. Hootsuite is an excellent way to consolidate your social media efforts: you can see all your communications across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. 

This feature allows you to determine what replies require your urgent attention and which replies can wait, and you avoid the risk of repeating yourself if someone has messaged you on multiple sites. It also provides you with analytics so that you can monitor your performance!

9. Sendible 

Sedible is particularly helpful if you are a business that manages social media on behalf of other clients. If you run or work for such an organization, then you need a social media management solution that works on all sorts of platforms, not just the common ones like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Sendible integrates into much more than those, including YouTube, WordPress, Tumblr, Canva, Google My Business, Slack, and more. 

Sendible’s analytics reports are advantageous because they can help you identify trends you care most about. Plus, you can send reports to clients and team members who need to see them, or you can grant them access to real-time reports that allow for additional transparency. If you have clients you want to help become successful, how does a 30-day free trial of Sendible sound? 


Kenji is another example of a social media service using AI to connect users with real Instagrammers who are more likely to be interested in their profiles. Kenji uses multiple kinds of targeting: Hashtag, Location, and its unique HyperTarget feature. Would you like to connect with Instagrammers in the same area as you (especially helpful for brick-and-mortar businesses)? 

Do you want to partake in an industry’s conversation, and thus want to know the right hashtags to browse? Is there an existing account you follow, such as a competitor, and you want to emulate their strategy? Kenji can help you tap into their audience as well (just make sure that your content distinguishes you!). 

11. Popsters

On a related note, you have probably seen a highly successful social media post and wondered: how did they do it? What is it about that post that makes users want to like it, comment on it, and share it? What elements can you include in your own content to inspire a similar result? 

With Popsters, you can cross-analyze various posts from competitors’ or other companies’ profiles to determine what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. This way, you can emulate the things that work for them and avoid the things that don’t. Some social media analytics tools only show you insights about your performance related to itself, not compared to other, even more successful campaigns. 

12. Crowdfire

You need to find a balance between producing original content and re-sharing material from other creators. Again, growing your audience is not enough if they are simply going to soon realize that your content is not worth sticking around for. You need to engage and provide value. 

So, while much of your content will come from your own creativity, it helps to share outside material from time to time. Did you come across an article you think your followers will find interesting? 

Well, Crowdfire can help you share it, and assist you with collecting even more. Sharing other content is also a great way to catch the attention of the original creator, who may be a significant figure in your industry and can help you participate in your field’s conversation. 

13. Lightroom

If you want followers to come to you and stay, then you already know the most important thing: your content needs to be good – not just good, but distinct from your competitors’ and others’ profiles, something that Instagram users won’t be able to find anywhere else at the quality you provide. 

Instagram is an incredibly image-heavy platform, which means that while captions are essential, pictures are what people see first. If you want to have top-notch, eye-grabbing photography, then edit your photos with Adobe Lightroom. Plus, Lightroom can help you establish a consistent brand “tone” so that your images aren’t wildly different from one another. 

14. Crello 

Besides photography and videos, Instagram is also an excellent place to share infographics. Do you want to educate your followers about something? Do you want to communicate information in a way that is both engaging and digestible? Then doing so visually will appeal the many visual learners out there. Creating infographics and animated videos is a great way to shake up your feed with content that is still aesthetically appealing and valuable, but not just another image or piece of text on a colorful background. 

Does this sound daunting? You don’t need to be a graphic designer with Crello. Crello enables you to create quality-looking animations and graphics without professional experience. It works for Instagram—including Instagram Ads—as well as a variety of other platforms. 

15. Iconosquare 

Iconosquare provides insightful analytics from a convenient dashboard. Once you define what social media success means to you, you can customize said dashboard to display the metrics you care about most. Are you interested in seeing how your follower count is growing? Do you not care about how many followers you have, as long as they are liking and commenting on your posts? 

Iconosquare can help you prioritize what measurements are most relevant to your campaign goals. In addition, like many other resources out there, Iconosquare offers calendar capabilities so that you can schedule posts to publish ahead of time. 

16. Planoly 

When people visit your profile, they don’t see only the image you are proudest of—they see everything, and they take it all in at once. You might think your individual posts are awesome, but they might not look as appealing when put together. 

With Planoly, you can plan what your entire Instagram feed will look like before you post with its drag-and-drop feature so that your account’s overall aesthetic is consistent. Some people might dig deeper, but if you want to grow your audience, it might help to give people a comprehensive look at what they can expect from you. 

Social media platforms like Instagram can connect you with your niche audience, but finding them amidst the vast online landscape may require some extra help. Which Skweezer alternatives do you anticipate will help you the most?

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