The Top 19 Ingramer Alternatives Available

Ingramer is a popular Instagram growth tool available on the web, but with so many alternatives available, why settle for just one service? Growing your Instagram account organically is easy with these nineteen awesome and affordable options. If you’re looking to expand your Instagram account for greater reach, more followers, and more likes on every post, these tools are right for you. 

Remember that the more organic your growth is, the better! Organic growth looks good to both potential followers and to Instagram as well. The company has doubled down on bots and fake accounts, so using a legitimate service is no longer a luxury, but a requirement. Here are the top nineteen Ingramer alternatives available today. 

1. YoViral

Providing 100% real likes and views, YoViral is an Instagram service you’ll want to consider if you’re looking to grow your profile and extend your reach.

Sick of paying for “legitimate” services, only to find out you’re paying for bots? Try YoViral instead and ditch the computer-generated accounts for real, organic growth. Human viewers are always preferable to bots and fake accounts, and human interaction on your posts only serves to further your credibility and your brand’s appeal.

The best part of YoViral is that you will stay in compliance with Instagram’s terms of service as you grow your page. Just pick one of their plans and your likes will be delivered within about 30 seconds of posting, for an unlimited number of posts each month. It’s that easy and effortless.

2. ViralRace

Staying away from bots and fake accounts should be your top priority when you’re searching for an Instagram growth tool. Luckily, ViralRace doesn’t offer either but, rather, 100% real and genuine Instagram accounts backed by humans instead of computers. 

Having real people standing behind your brand does wonders for your page and your credibility, and ViralRace understands just that. You’ll get 100% real followers and likes delivered to your page in whatever fashion you see fit. You can opt for instant or gradual delivery, depending on your specific needs. 

ViralRace targets those users who are already predisposed to enjoy your specific content or brand. By comparing similar brands and content, the service can offer you followers that will actually interact with your account. Interaction is important, as it helps sell the credibility of your page and makes everything feel more natural to a potential customer or follower. The more organic things are, the better your page will perform.

Social proof of your brand’s credibility is the best tool for growing a legitimate fan base, and ViralRace is used daily by influencers and brands to build their legitimacy and extend their reach. Don’t waste time trying to grow your account by yourself! Instead, focus on creating high-quality, relatable content, and let ViralRace handle the rest. You can be sure that your page will be delivered to the right people for optimal growth and exposure. 

3. Instaboom

Instaboom is an Instagram growth service that provides targeted growth for your page quickly and easily. With this service, you can increase your followers by anywhere from two thousand to four thousand per month. 

That’s right, per month. With that many followers coming in on a monthly basis, you’ll be able to grow your brand in just a few months and extend your reach and credibility tenfold. 

4. Buzzvoice

You can buy followers on Instagram with Buzzvoice, starting at just $0.97. In less than an hour, your likes, page views, or followers will be delivered to your account, so you can begin your growth journey in less than a day! You can also use Buzzvoice for other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Simply choose a package, enter your details, and checkout with PayPal, Bitcoin, or credit/debit card. Once payment is completed, sit back and watch your account grow before your eyes. Simplicity, affordability, and real followers and likes are what make Buzzvoice a worthy Instagram service. 

5. Instafollowers

Instafollowers is another all-in-one social media service that lets you choose your platform and delivers high-quality likes and followers quickly. If you only need Instagram followers, the service can provide, but if you need followers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or TikTok, you’re in luck. 100 active followers only cost around $4, and you can go as high as 25,000 active followers. 

This package is around $400, but will delivery active real social media followers to your page. Boost your influence today with one of Instafollower’s affordable and effective packages. 

6. SocialCaptain

If you want to take a more hands-off approach to grow your Instagram account, SocialCaptain is the way to do it. You’ll get real followers, and likes, comments, and follows, and your account will all be automated; so you can focus on creating content instead of reaching out to every follower on a daily basis. 

This automation service has become a popular option for those looking to grow their account without too much hands-on work. The set up process only takes about two minutes, and can provide real results within just a few hours. 

7. Upleap

Upleap takes a bit of a different approach to growing your Instagram account. With a dedicated account manager, you’ll have a real person in your corner to help grow your account and push your page to the next level. 

While AI is a useful tool in growing your Instagram, a real person can actually take the time to understand your audience as people and figure out the best way to reach them for organic growth. You can try Upleap for free for three days without a credit card. Sign up today and give this easy to use and effective tool a try. 

8. Instamacro

Instamacro is a simple Instagram growth service that works for you even when you’re offline. Getting your Instagram account in the spotlight can be a tedious and difficult task, so why not hire a service to work on it while you’re offline? 

The more time spent engaging with your audience, the better. Instamacro is easy to sign up for and will automate all of your daily activity on Instagram so you can get back to generating high-quality content for your followers. Take the pain out of Instagramming with Instamacro. 

9. The Royal Key 

The Royal Key is a unique tool in that it allows you to choose the demographic from which your subscribers will be generated. If you’re only wanting followers from a specific country, or female-only followers, The Royal Key can help. Sometimes you need more than just a follower service that offers generic solutions. 

A geographically or demographic-oriented approach can mean a higher following, greater reach and exposure, and better credibility in your local or national communities. You can buy likes, followers, and more with The Royal Key. 

10. Combin

Combin is a trusted Instagram growth platform available on Android, Windows, and Apple devices. You’ll be able to attract new followers, schedule future content, manage multiple accounts from one interface, and more with Combin. 

Over 60,000 users are already benefiting from Combin’s services, and it’s been featured on Forbes and Product Hunt. With such a large customer base, effective tools, and backing by several major publications, Combin is one of the best services out there. 

11. FreeInsta

FreeInsta offers something unique in the Instagram growth space: free followers. You can also choose one of the service’s paid packages, with up to 10,000 followers or 1-2,000 real Instagram likes. You can control everything, from follows to likes to unfollows and comments and more, with this online Instagram tool. 

12. SocialFollow

SocialFollow also offers free Instagram followers and has been featured by The New York Post and other sites.

With over two million followers generated since the service’s conception, a 4.6/5 average customer rating, and an average of 2,000 followers per account, the service is both legitimate and effective at what it does. Sign up today to start adding thousands of followers to your Instagram account. 

13. Auto Likes 

With over 5,000 businesses using its services in 40 countries, Auto Likes is a completely legitimate and effective Instagram service that’s been featured by HuffPost, Entrepreneur, and more. 

The services are designed to fit any budget and span three social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Whether you’re a dedicated Instagrammer or a versatile social media user, Auto Likes can help you increase your brand’s reputation and reach quickly and easily. 

14. HyloSocial

For a 100% real and organic boost to your Instagram account, choose HyloSocial. You can grow your followers, increase your likes, DMs, and comments with this service, and the first 24 hours are absolutely free of charge. 

Get a feel for Hylo’s system by using this awesome trial period to start growing your audience. You’ll get safe and secure growth, geographic and industry-specific audience targeting, and story view automation. 

15. Bigbangram

Automation tools have quickly become popular among Instagram users, as they make the tedious process of managing your account and interacting with followers automated, and therefore, more simple. Don’t waste hours manually sending likes and following accounts; let Bigbangram do it for you. 

Efficiency is the name of the game when you’re growing your social media accounts, and Bigbangram offers just that. The service also offers a new and unique tool: Instagram chat from your PC! You’ll be able to answer and send DMs from your desktop instead of only through the app. 

16. Instagrowing

Follower packages from this Instagram growth tool start at just $2.89, and you can get started right away with results delivered in just a few hours. The system works around the clock, providing your page with 24/7 growth and exposure.

Sleep well knowing that while you’re sleeping, your account is growing exponentially. The auto like system will provide your posts with real, natural likes every time; for just $29.99. 

17. Rocket Social

Rocket Social offers its users a chance to organically grow their Instagram presence and appeal to more users across the diverse platform. Rocket Social believes that engagement is the key to success on Instagram and social media, so that’s the focus of their services.

They’ll work to find you an audience that will stay engaged with your content, rather than random followers. Increase your web traffic, Instagram activity, and overall reputation with Rocket Social. 

18. PopularUp

With over 100,000 active users on a daily basis, PopularUp is an Instagram tool that works. The tool has been promoted by many YouTubers and other influencers as a legitimate way to grow your follower base and increase your brand’s reach. You win coins by sharing profiles, which you can then use to increase your own page’s reputation. You’ll get tasks to complete every day, so there’s no shortage of opportunities to earn coins. 

This unique approach to generating followers may not be conventional, but it certainly seems to work for those who have used it. PopularUp has great recommendations and its users are genuinely satisfied with the services. Give it a try today if you want something a bit different. 

19. SnS Growth 

This Instagram tool will interact with followers on your behalf, providing natural interactions and generating new followers, likes, and page views. With different campaign settings, you can target a specific audience for optimal growth, or keep things relatively generalized to appeal to a broader spectrum of users. Customized plans are available to fit your specific needs and your budget, so you’re sure to find one that fits your Instagram goals. 

Best of all, the service will never ask for your Instagram password like so many other services do. Your information will be kept in your possession, and you can cancel your package at any time. Get started today with a Starter package, which costs only $13. You’ll get a 60-day guarantee, real people, and customer service for any issues that may arise. 

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