William Moore

The Truth of Your Favorite Childhood Fairy Tales In William Moore’s New Book, Twisted Fairy Tells: The Untold Truths

As kids, we’re often taught about fairy tales as fantasy lands and magical characters that become a figment of our imagination. And while these commonly known narratives usually include a perfect reality and a happily ever after, the history of their origins beg to differ.

Centuries ago, when these fables were created, they consisted of stories involving brutally graphic elements (like cannibalism and murder) usually intended to convey a life lesson for its adult reader. But due to lack of popularity, the tales ended up being heavily altered and used for entertaining children, eventually becoming the modern-day fables we recognize today.

However, fiction author, William Moore, has brought together some of the most classic fairy tales we know and love (along with a few other familiar stories), and mended them into an alternate, twisted reality of our world.

His book, Twisted Fairy Tells: The Untold Truths, takes us on a remastered adventure through time as Charles Wellington, the Keeper of Tales, reveals the true, mysterious origins of these beloved fables and the untold secrets of their past.

The concept of the novel struck Moore after a close friend of his showed him a few drawings he’d been working on: surrealist, dark versions of classic fairy tales. The author was mesmerized by the idea that these magical fables could be reinvented to convey a reality that was entirely conflicting to the ones they were usually in; and as of that day, he began to conduct his research.

He quickly discovered that these fairy tales were, in fact, far darker than they seemed, and about seven months and thousands of articles later, Moore decided to create a concept of his own with a novel that tied the most nostalgic characters of our childhoods together into a single fantasy world.

Interestingly enough, Moore claims that the writing process was “completely out of [his] control”, and that the story practically wrote itself. “I began to think of the characters and the places until they all felt second-nature to me. Once they were all settled in my head, it was like I was stepping into their world, experiencing the events with them. I just proceeded to write whatever they said or did.

I had no control over their actions or their destiny in the novel,” he explained. It took the author a mere month and a half to write the 200-page narrative, and, to our surprise, no substantial edits of any sort were made to the novel after it was completed other than the routine spell check.

Twisted Fairy Tells: The Untold Truths is Part One of a three-part series. While this portion of the series will serve as a backstory and thorough introduction to Charles Wellington and the rest of the classic characters, Moore tells us the future parts will dive deeper into the history behind the Wellington family and the God-like creators of the fantasy world.

Part two is estimated to debut in October 2021, and part three still remains TBD. However, the author reveals there is another project in the works that will allow the reader to fully immerse in the experiences from the novel with the use of augmented reality.

“The plan is to have a website that mimics the functions of a mobile GPS. You’ll be able to locate certain places on the map where events of the book took place. At first, it’ll seem like a regular map of planet Earth. But once you search the names of the mystical lands from the book, the site will provide you with a ‘street view’ of the scenes in the story. You’ll be able to feel like you’re actually there,” the author said.

The project has no determined release date as of yet, but Moore is hoping to have it up and running by the time the second novel is released.

You can find Twisted Fairy Tells: The Untold Truths available now on Amazon.com and other online retailers. Be sure to grab a copy to be transported into the alternate universe of your childhood dreams– and be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

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