The Ultimate Business Seminar? SAM Turns The World of Business Seminars Upside Down

British born entrepreneurs Andrew Lock and Chris Farrell know you have a choice in which business seminars and events to attend.

And with attendees investing thousands of hours and millions of dollars every year in professional development, SAM has a proven track record of doing things differently.  Very differently.

“Frankly, most business training is boring and it provides very little value” says Lock, co-founder of SAM, and presenter of the popular online TV show ‘Help My Business!’

“People want to be entertained. So we turned the concept of show-business on its head, and created a business-show.

SAM attracts leaders from the fields of Sales, Advertising, and Marketing (hence the name SAM), put them on stage in a theatrical setting, and give them each just 18 minutes to wow the audience in the ultimate presentation of their lives. 

We supercharge everything by interspersing the talks with jaw-dropping performances from world-class entertainers. 

It’s part TED talks, part Broadway, and it proves that business doesn’t have to be boring!“

Andrew Lock

The concept of SAM was born in 2011 in Salt Lake City, and has since grown to attract 1,000 entrepreneurs from the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, and South Africa.

“In designing SAM, we carefully researched and studied every event format we knew of, including TED talks, workshops, retreats, forums, meetings, summits, seminars, symposiums, conventions, and conferences.”

Farrell continues: “Interestingly, we found that the most influential speeches in modern history were under 22 minutes.

John F. Kennedy inspired America to shoot for the moon in 18 minutes!

Martin Luther King gave his vision of racial harmony in 17 minutes!

And Steve Jobs presented his stirring commencement address in just 15 minutes!

Short presentations force the speaker to cut out all the waffle and unimportant filler material.

And when we looked at the entertainment component, we found a lot of evidence from science that proves when you stimulate both the left and right sides of the brain (with education and entertainment), it’s easier for the audience to pay attention, they remember more, and of course, it’s much more fun.

From that research, we came up with a format that can best be described as a cross between TED talks for business owners, and a live theatrical show. The response to SAM has been phenomenal.”

Chris Farrell

So…who are the speakers at SAM?

The show creators have three criteria that have to be met:

1) The speaker has to be running a successful business themselves, with international acclaim.

2) They need to be willing to share their latest and best breakthroughs and strategies with the audience.

3) They need to be a great speaker who can both simplify the topic and present it in an engaging, entertaining way.

Past and present speakers have included Jay Abraham, the world’s highest paid marketing consultant, Vishen Lakhiani (CEO of MindValley), Perry Belcher (Partner at Digital Marketer), Dave Crenshaw (author of The Myth of Multitasking), and Glenn Morshower (Actor from 24, Transformers, and Black Hawk Down).

Audiologist business owner Matt Perry from Maryland has attended SAM every year, and says:
“In a world of cookie-cutter pitch-fests and drawn-out marketing conferences mostly designed to teach you how to trick your customers, SAM is a breath of fresh air. It’s impactful, motivational, and truly entertaining.”

Beau Blackwell, an executive at Clickbank, the online marketplace based in Boise Idaho, said:
SAM is a rare combination of inspiration, strategy, and tactics, along with world-class entertainment. I highly recommend it to all entrepreneurs.”

Ryan Arnold, a Salt Lake City based doctor, commented:
SAM represents crazy value. I’ve never gotten so much for paying so little. It’s a unique format, with unique entertainment in a unique setting.”

What type of person most benefits from attending?

SAM is designed for business owners, presidents and executives of mid-size companies, as well as entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and authors, plus a third group that includes sales professionals, marketing agency owners, copywriters, ad managers, and other service providers.

SAM stands for “Sales, Advertising, and Marketing” and this unique event takes place in Las Vegas, June 13th and 14th, 2019.

General admission tickets for the 2 days are complimentary, with upgrades available for purchase.

For more information about The SAM Show, visit

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