The Utopia Club NFT Collection – All You Need to Know

It’s no secret that NFTs have taken over the world by storm, and they’ll likely be around for a while. Like it or hate it, the world is preparing for a change – and it’s called the metaverse. And NFTs are in many ways connected to the world of the metaverse.

When done right, NFTs can be significant assets that go beyond the utility of just a profile photo. NFTs can help build up communities of like-minded people, help foster an economy within the metaverse and yield a great set of utilities to the holders.

Today, we’re going to take a look at one such NFT project, named: The Utopia Club NFT Collection.

What is the Utopia Club

The Utopia Club is a one-of-a-kind NFT project celebrating the world of music and dance. If you’re a bathroom singer, a bedroom beat maker, a signed artist, a dance lover – then this is the project for you.
The Utopian characters include 10,000 unique crafted, retro-and-funk-styled characters all suited up for a fun night at the disco! The characters have 5000 men and 5000 women – all with amazing hairdos, retro shades, accessories, and more!
The project is based on the Ethereum blockchain, with a mint price of 0.08 ETH via pre-sale and public sale.

The Perks & Benefits

The Utopia Club NFT holders will enjoy a wide range of niche-specific benefits and perks.
However, the best part of the project would be the community. One of the unique values that Utopia brings to the table is in its concept. Unlike most NFT projects where the community is in it to make a quick buck and have nothing in common. The Utopia Club is all about connecting people who love music and dance.

This means – you are connected with like-minded individuals. You’re in a club of people who are all into the same things as you are. And this brings with it the immense opportunity of collaboration, creative freedom, and more!

Think of this – you are a holder of this NFT, and the remaining 9999 holders include a wide range of singers, composers, producers, songwriters, dancers, choreographers – the value of this is priceless.

Besides having a virtual community with a purpose – the Utopia Club brings a bunch of other cool perks to its users, including a community-managed radio station and a wall-of-fame. The WOF (wall-of-fame) is a private members-only area on the website where all the holders get a space on the wall to put up anything they’d like. This could be linked to their music or beats, links to their dances, their album artwork, and more!

Next, we have the Utopia Club in the metaverse. An 80’s style retro-disco club in the metaverse where all the Utopians can hang out, dance, sing and have a great time! Free entry to holders, of course! A great place to collaborate, perform and entertain!

The Art

The art by the Utopia Club NFT Collection directly helps with utility. This means the art isn’t just about looking ‘great’ or looking ‘cool.’ Instead, it’s more niche- focused and utility-driven.

You have these funky and retro-looking characters from the 80s – all dressed up and sharply dressed.
Why? Well, when you’re all set to hit the Utopia Club within the metaverse, that is how you’d want to look! And, that is what art is all about! It’s Friday night – and it’s time to hit the dance floor and go wild – and the Utopia characters are dressed for precisely that!



When it comes to giveaways and freebies, the Utopia Club has done something unique. Instead of putting up the same old ‘merch’ and ‘branded items,’ they have put the focus back on the community.
Think of this – what good does merch do to anyone? Yeah, it’s cool and everything, but it’s just a t-shirt or a mug.

With Utopia, they wanted to do something that brings real value. For this, they created something called the ‘Stars of Utopia.’ With every total sale of a collection they have, they will hand-pick 5-star utopians whom they will provide in-house management and help with getting signed with labels and artist management, getting PR, helping with verification of social media accounts, and more!

Now, this would be everything for a budding artist or a dancer. Getting managed help to get the spotlight would be a dream come true. For someone struggling as an artist – getting a ton of PR on notable magazines, having their socials verified, and getting a record deal would be everything!

Apart from this, they also have five free NFTs that they will be giving away via contests on their Twitter & Discord.


What good is a project without a solid, realistic, and sound roadmap for the future? With Utopia, the roadmap is both believable and exciting!
First, upon complete sale, they plan on immediately launching the radio station and the wall of fame.

Next, 60 days from the total sale of the Utopia Club NFT Collection, they will launch the Hip-Hop Collection, fully airdropped to all original holders! That’s right! For anyone to buy an NFT from the hip-hop collection, they would have to buy it from the holder who got it via air-drop!

And finally – we get right to the good natural part—the metaverse. Within 180 days from the sale of their Utopia Club NFT Collection, they plan to purchase land in the metaverse, build out an entire retro-styled club on it, and start up the Utopia Club! A place where all Utopians can hang around, perform, sing and dance!


The Utopia Club is one of those rare projects with a community-based and user- focused goal. It’s about bringing people together within the metaverse.
The ‘roadmap’ isn’t about ‘charity’ and ‘merch.’ Rather, it’s something more realistic. It gets users free air-drops of the new collections. It gets people a place within the metaverse where they can hang out. And, add to that a community- managed radio station and a wall of fame, you have something great going on!

You can get involved on their website, follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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