The Vermeil Collection: The Latest Addition to Chvkr’s Unique and Masterful Line of Jewelry

Nazlia Yunus, the under 25-year-old founder of Chvker Jewelry, spoke with Carly Martinetti about expanding the company and announcing the launch of the brand’s latest vermeil line.

With its line of fine and exquisite jewelry that is well-suited for all groups of people around the world, the fast-rising Jewelry brand records high annual turnover and has gained popularity among top celebrities around the world. The brand’s exponential growth since its emergence in 2014 prompted the launch of the new Vermeil jewelry line, which was motivated by the founder’s creativity and ambition to reach a broader audience around the world.

Despite being in a competitive market, Chvker Jewelry has carved out a niche for itself and won the hearts of jewelry lovers by providing high-quality jewelry. The addition of the Vermeil Jewelry collection to the brand’s established fine jewelry collection increased its success and patronage. This is evidenced by the brand’s continued popularity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This current Vermeil Jewelry collection is of excellent quality and includes an entirely new material not seen in previous collections. More people have become interested in this collection, and they now have a range of choices to choose from when visiting the Chvker Jewelry website or Instagram page.

“Jewelry is eternal,” Kate Moss once said. “It never goes out of style; it will always be there.” Chvker Jewelry aims to do this by making pieces of jewelry of a lifetime value.

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