The Wild West of Web3: The Journey of Alex McConnell, Founder of Vendetta, in the Crypto Metaverse

Originally from Canada, Alex, the founder of Vendetta Games, has spent the last 20 years in Taiwan building businesses. He jumped on the crypto bandwagon back in 2016 after reading an article on Ethereum. Next, he went deep into the VeChain ecosystem. Being in China at the time, he went directly to their office and started working with them. Alex created his first web3 company, a tag and trace company, using the VeChain blockchain. The company tags and traces imported wood from Europe and other Raw materials, which are then manufactured into flooring and other building materials in Asia, and then shipped globally.  There is no token, it simply uses blockchain tech for the logistics. 

Following his first web3 company he started investing in Vulcan Forged and other early gaming projects collecting several assets. This led to the formation of a Wild-West-themed guild to catch the wave of scholars using the assets. They had grown to almost 30K scholars mostly in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. But many of these early games were only half developed and the economies were falling so he needed to find a new way to keep this group active. 

This is how Vendetta Games came to be. They developed a Web2-style shootout game and realized it could be much more. Almost overnight, Alex developed the whitepaper for the Metaverse game including Shootout on Main Street, Chalk River Canyon Run, a horse racing game, and more. He self-funded in the beginning stages but very quickly the community started jumping in, Jamie Thompson of Vulcan Forged also invested. 

The Wild West Genre has been a favorite of Alex since he was a kid so building the game around this theme was a no-brainer. They chose to launch on Elysium as well, not only because of his relationship with Vulcan Forged but because it is poised to be a solid ecosystem. Vendetta has since moved cross-chain with NFTs on Ethereum. And have settled on Immutable zkEVM.

The game was in open beta from January to August of last year where they continued to make improvements based on user feedback. Vendetta is an open world metaverse. “Think of Red Dead online, basically, where you can run around the crypto verse in the Wild West metaverse,” Alex said. Players can shoot, ride their horses, and enter storyline chapters. Each character NFT has their own storyline and players get to build it up. They also have side games that stand alone. Shootout on Main Street is one of those, but players can also enter a saloon and play poker. Imagine playing cards and then calling out another player for a shootout on Main Street after. Players can place bets, win NFTs, or earn Gold Dust, their in-game currency. Gold Dust allows players to enjoy the game for free if they don’t want to be on chain. 

VDT is their on-chain token and using this in the game allows users to get higher quality NFTs like a better horse. Players can also stake their VDT tokens into a building in town. It might be a stable, gun shop, or general store. That user will then earn revenue that goes through that store. If you stake in the gun shop you may earn gun NFTs, if you stake in the stable, breeding fees from horses, and so on. 

Where it gets interesting is that other players can come in and attack your store. If you successfully defend it, options to upgrade the store are unlocked. The player can add more tokens and add another player to defend it. Players can eventually team up and own a whole town through what Alex calls gamified staking. 

You can listen to the full interview with @howimetweb3 on Spotiy:

Horses are another huge part of the game. Not only can they be used to ride around the metaverse, but breeding is an entire game in itself. These horses are NFTs and they can only give birth to a certain amount of horses. Stable owners will need to get a breeding potion to continue breeding them after they’ve given birth to their allocated amount. While the original horse NFTs don’t die, their offspring will only live for a certain number of play hours and give birth to less foals. Vendetta has developed some detailed economies around the stables and breeding options and more information and updates can be found by following them on X


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