Therapist Andy Baldwin Opens up What Motivated Him to Take up Psychology and His Vision

As a Therapist, Dr. Andy Baldwin opens up what motivated him to take up Psychology and why he decided to pursue his vision. He also recently opened up on what inspired him to pick Psychology as his career path, and talked his future goals in life.

Right from the start California-based therapist and educator, Dr.Baldwin knew that his calling was the world of philanthropy. This was the reason why he decided to dedicate himself to the field of Psychology. After pursuing his degree in Psychology, he opted for specialize in Educational Psychology during his Masters. Then later, he found the opportunity to pursue Clinical Psychology as his specialization during his Doctorates degree.

The biggest motivation for Dr. Andy is being in a place where he can create and employ positive social change within society. As we are moving forward in the world of technology and science, people are becoming more vulnerable than ever, especially during times of the pandemic. Moreover, Dr. Andy has always been inspired by Carl Rogers-a pioneer in the field of psychology; being a beacon of hope and optimism.

Speaking about his own journey, Dr. Andy shared, “Even though I am a therapist does not mean I’m all happy, and my life is perfect because at the end of the day, I’m still human. I’ve had my share of struggles as well. Such as anxiety and depression. However, I’ve been able to overcome such struggles by applying what I preach.”

Furthermore, he then spoke about what he considers to be the best part of his work as a therapist. Dr. Baldwin shared, “The best thing I like about working in this field is the idea of actually changing someone’s life for the better by listening, guiding, and providing intervention that helps an individual improve various aspects of their lives, no matter what struggles they are experiencing. I also love the fact of giving, providing knowledge and awareness. It is my passion that I chase every single day when waking up.”

Currently, he is a therapist, educator, and scholar-practitioner, and apart from this, Dr. Andy Baldwin is also the President of the STOLZE community, a non-profit organization working with NGOs in New York, and is constantly trying to reach out and improve people’s lives around the world.

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