There has Never Been a Better Time to Invest – in Anything!

The financial world has been left reeling in the wake of the global pandemic. Although markets in the East barely closed, we in the west caught wave after wave of the new debacle. Businesses we thought were established down to the earth’s core were shattered, dissolved, and forgotten about. Already, their names are being lost to time.

However, hope is on the horizon with the growing number of vaccines being pumped out by scientists everywhere. The vaccine has allowed some of us to get a glimpse of normality, even allowed some of the surviving businesses to open back up again… saved in the nick of time.

How do we save our busted economy and restore some normalcy of our own? We start investing in the projects and people that we might have overlooked before. 

The Economy is Wavering

Even now, 15 months or more from the outset of the virus, the economy is still wavering. Not quite on its knees, the point the markets lost stability can be traced back to the day that the bottom fell out of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has never quite recovered its full strength. At the time of writing, it was worth £25k apiece. Before, it was topping the thirties.

The World Bank is reporting an uncertain future for the economy if it remains in its current state of flux. In total, they estimate that the economy will expand by a maximum of 6% this year.

Safe Bets for Investment?

While some might say that investing in crypto isn’t as worthwhile as more traditional investment opportunities, Bitcoin did make a lot of Millennials wealthy in the last decade. Nevertheless, the wavering economy is still seeing it experience slow growth. We say crypto is out there to be invested in.

However, digital currencies aren’t the only answer. As ever, buying gold to solidify your assets is just as good of an option as it has always been. Keeping it till its value increases is the hard part. While gold prices might drop, they always do a steady climb back up again. If you do invest in AU, be sure that you buy it low, if possible. As far as investment goes, buying from the Royal Mint is a safe way to trade.

Last but not least: the property is always a sound investment. If you look at the types of portfolios that wealthy investors carry around, you always spot numerous properties in there. Investing in Realty isn’t a bad idea as a home’s value will always appreciate – provided you take care of it, of course. There are several ways to invest in properties out there, but we recommend Wealth 360 degrees as a good starting point.

Next Steps

With that projected growth of 6% coming in the next few months, we can only pray that the world stays open long enough to enjoy it. If we could get back into a position of economic stability in the next few quarters, we should all take the time to celebrate, come the new tax year.

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