These 7 Companies Are Creating Solutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just a few days after learning about the expansion of COVID-19, the change in society was radical. The economy, education, work, and even social routines have undergone a remarkable transformation. 

The impact generated by the pandemic and the measures to further prevent its expansion will endure over time. This has caused social uncertainty and fear, which is what these months of deep recession have left behind. 

However, the whole picture is not grey. These are precisely the critical moments that show what society is made of. The reaction to this situation will define the path to be followed in order to go through this difficult stage. 

It is there, where many companies and startups have taken the lead, to generate actions that contribute to minimizing the negative impact of COVID-19. Here is an example of 7 companies that have created solutions to the pandemic: 

1. Amazon: Unstoppable Contribution 

The e-commerce giant has been one of the first to take steps to contribute in the midst of the pandemic. In addition to avoiding speculation in the sale of its products, Amazon has turned its attention to society. 

Among the platform’s collaborations is the $21 million Amazon Web Services (AWS) Diagnostic Development Initiative to accelerate research on COVID-19. 

In addition, it has provided support for virtual classrooms free of charge, with resources from the AWS and Amazon Future Engineer, and has donated more than 12,000 laptops to high school students who do not have access to computers.

Apple, Google share more details about COVID-19 contact tracing system

2. Google and Apple: Innovating to Help 

Shortly after the pandemic began, Apple released an app with the same name as the virus (COVID-19). Symptoms, prevention measures, and guidance about the virus is what this American app offers that has placed the welfare of the population as a priority.  

In addition, Apple and Google have joined forces to develop a system that will alert people if they have had contact with people with a coronavirus. In principle, they will devote efforts to promote efficiency in apps that work for these purposes.

andtonic-m3685734 - Embeblue

3. Andtonic: From Content Production to Healthcare Material 

Companies like Andtonic live on innovation. Therefore, contributing to an initiative in the middle of the pandemic, was not a complete job. This company dedicated to advertising and communication on social media did not imagine that they would end up producing health material. 

Around 1,300 respirators were created from this startup. The innovative thing is that they were created using diving masks as bases. These, destined for patients in a moderate state, that because of lack of supplies or space were not interned. 

4. Ayudar: Connected to Cooperate 

Ayudar is an app originated in the middle of the crisis, by Leyes Enterprises. This platform aims to connect volunteers, donors, and NGOs, with the people most vulnerable to the pandemic. 

Its central purpose is to promote cooperation, participation, and collaboration of those who are able to contribute, those who have been most affected by the coronavirus. Through the app, it is possible to donate everything from perishable food to school supplies and clothing. 

In addition, the app includes a map where it reflects the shops that are working with delivery. This, in order to contribute to the commercial environment also affected by the pandemic. 

sepiia logo

5. Sepiia: Building Protection 

Intended for the manufacture of intelligent clothing, without stains or wrinkles. Also easy to care for and sustainable. This startup continues the manufacture of their garments for society, in isolation from their workshops. 

However, during the pandemic, it has allocated most of its raw material to the production of protective masks for Spanish society. This company has distributed masks for non-sanitary use. 

En Tu Oficina | Apeteat

6. Apeteat: Food for the Heroes 

Another company that is part of the Google for Startups Campus community, whose performance is the delivery of catering for companies. In this case, its work has been aimed at delivering food to health personnel in different centers. 

As an act of gratitude and recognition of the tireless work, these heroes have done during the pandemic. Apeteat has various dishes and desserts for all the staff.

FP Grado Superior Nutrición y Dietética a Distancia - Linkia FP

7. Linkia Talentia: Education Doesn’t Stop

The educational field does not escape the crisis, and companies like Linkia Talentia do not escape either with initiatives to contribute to educational training during the quarantine. 

For this reason, it provides free advice to educational centers to give online classes with the resources it has. 

Although the coronavirus represents a turning point in different aspects of society. It is precisely companies, apps, and innovations such as those mentioned, who have made the difference, providing from creativity, options to facilitate the transformation process that the world is going through because of the coronavirus.

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