ThetaHealer Georgie Maroudas on Clearing Your Limitations to Manifest Success

Dropping out of university two weeks in is quite an exciting tale to tell for those who are looking to hear an overnight success story. But, for ThetaHealer Georgie Maroudas, her quest to finding her true passion and manifesting success was a long and winding journey.

After leaving school, Maroudas went on to become a tennis coach, a makeup artist, a personal trainer, and a binge-eating coach. When she found herself in the coaching track, Maroudas was able to help women overcome their struggles when it comes to their physical health and body image by changing their beliefs. Although this kind of work had been rewarding for her, she felt that she could do more.

“The only issue I had with it was the techniques and tools I used to create this transformation took too long. I had this gut feeling that there was something out there in the universe that would allow for these beliefs to be changed more quickly,” shares Maroudas.

And, as if the stars had aligned for Maroudas, a fateful meeting redirected her to a new path where she found her real calling. “A couple of months later, I went to a friend’s house for the first time and met her incredible mum who is a ThetaHealer,” she reminisces. “I had never heard of it before and had no idea what ThetaHealing was. She did a session on me that night and it changed my life. And, as they say, the rest is history!”

Fast forward to present, Maroudas is a full-fledged ThetaHealing practitioner and instructor who uses the Theta Brainwave to help people release their fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, and trauma in order to be their most empowered selves.

Finding Purpose and Manifesting Success

When asked about how she finds the motivation in her chosen career, Maroudas considers being able to lend a helping hand to others as her ultimate driving force. “I know this may sound a little cliché, but from when I was a little girl, I knew I was here on this earth to help people,” she claims.

While it took her quite some time to figure out just how to fulfill her purpose, Maroudas finds enough encouragement just by doing the work that she does. “Knowing that the work I do now not only helps people but completely changes their lives is all the motivation I need.”

And, with fulfilling her purpose comes realizing her kind of success. So, how does a healer like Maroudas define success? Simply: “To me every day is a success, regardless of the outcome of the day,” she says. “We are alive, we are breathing, we are able to experience a new day. That to me is success.”

Spoken like a woman truly in touch with her inner self, Maroudas also shares her principle of manifesting success as an entrepreneur. She claims, “I truly believe that the formula to becoming very successful as an entrepreneur is looking within and clearing limitations that are holding you back on a regular basis.”

For Maroudas, it’s all about vibrating higher as she explains, “When you go within and release these lower vibrational energies, not only do you change your energy but you also raise your vibrational set point. And, as you know, like attracts like. So, as you increase your vibrational set point, you are able to attract into your life and business more of what you want. The more often you go within, the more often you raise your vibration, and the quicker you allow success in!”

The Inner Skills to Success

Further drawing a road map for entrepreneurs who value inner work like her, Maroudas enumerates three important skills that one should have to become successful.

  1. Self-Belief – For Maroudas, you have to be your own investor first. For others to believe in you and your work, you must find that confidence within you and radiate it outwards. With this initial step, you’ll surely convince others to do the work with you.
  2. Trust – When Maroudas closed her coaching business down, external doubt surrounded her. “I had a lot of people around me doubt my decision, telling me I was wasting my money on these courses,” she recalls. “But I trusted my gut and did it anyway. Had I listened to what others were saying I would not be doing this interview now!”
  3. Learn, Grow, and Evolve – Experiencing life and learning from it is the only way that you can grow as an entrepreneur. Maroudas says, “If you can begin to teach your mind to look for the lessons and blessings in absolutely every situation, you will be the richest person in any room you walk into!”

Less Work, More “Me Time”

In order to truly find joy and success in business, Maroudas’ tip comes down to one thing. For her, scheduling time to do the things that makes her happy is key to her productivity. She even schedules ThetaHealing sessions with herself.

Looking at her present life, she says, “I work less but accomplish and produce more work than I ever have before. Why? Because I’m happy. I look forward to my work and it’s no longer a burden taking up all hours of my life.”

Evidently, Maroudas is at the peak of her career because of this mindset, and she has never been more satisfied. To wrap it all up, she declares, “People allowing me to be part of their journey and their evolution is such a blessing and the greatest honor for me.”

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