Things to Consider When Buying a Charging Station For Your Electric Car

Electric car users must install a charging station at home dedicated to charging the car but should know which charging station is suitable for the car. Yes, charging an electric car is s easy as charging a mobile phone as you can plug in overnight and top up during the day. You can have a 3 pin charging cable as a backup, but it can only be a stop-gap measure because its design is not suitable to withstand the given charging loads.

Install the level-2 smart electric vehicle home charging station close to where you park your car.  The compact weatherproof unit that mounts easily on a wall comes with a socket for plugging or a connected charging cable, depending on portability.

According to the onboard charger built into the car, all charging stations are not alike as different cars have different power requirements ranging from 3.7KW to 22KW. A 3.7KW electric car is most flexible about charging as any charging station equipped for faster charging is suitable. Since many electric cars charge faster than others, you should have some idea about the charging times of electric cars to know how much time your car will take for charging.

  • Consider the plug type of your car

Standard plug types are type1 and type2. If your electric car has a type2 plug, it indicates that you can use a charging station that has a permanently connected charging cable for charging your car. However, to charge an electric car with a type1 plug, you cannot charge it at this charging station.  To make it suitable for charging at this charging station, you must use an adapter that can be quite costly, yet its dependability might be questionable.

Charging station with type2 socket offers complete flexibility because you can even use the Mode3 charging cable with it if required. For public areas, a type 2 charging station is the best choice.

  • Choose a quality manufacturer

Electric vehicle charging station manufacturers are many, but all of them might not be reliable. Choose a charging station manufacturer approved by the vehicle manufacturers so that you are sure about its compatibility with your car.   It would also ensure that the manufacturer will support you with services and future updates, and all replacement parts would be available.

  • Additional functions

Things are easy when you use the charging station for personal use but if you want to give access to it to third parties, who must pay for the electricity, then choose a charging station with the invoicing feature. You can then charge third-party users for using the charging station.

By using photovoltaic system integration, you can generate your electricity for charging the car. You can even use excess solar power to charge your car.  Smart control of power consumption is possible by integrating the system with your smartphone.

Every charging station must have cable hangers that might come in-built from the manufacturer, or you can purchase it as an accessory. It allows hanging the charging cables neatly when you are not using them and prevents damage to the cables.


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