Things You Should Know About Swazythebag

Who doesn’t know about the Swazythebag? The name refers to one of the most talented modern-day musicians who has engraved his name among the most loved and followed musicians of all time. However, you must be thinking about the name, which is quite weird but fascinating at the same time. Here, we shall tell you the exact story behind this stage name.

Story Behind the Stage Name

In one of his exclusive interviews, Swazythebag told the story behind his stage name. According to him, one of his favorite basketball players – Nick Young, had a nickname which was Swaggy P while his name also started with the letter “P.” He knew that he is swaggy, took the Gs out from the word and added zs, which made it “Swazy.” To make it more interesting, his friend C DILLA suggested he write “the bag” after the name because he knew he loves money the most.

Early Days of Swazythebag

He was born in Egypt; later moved to the United States while he was just seven months old. His family stayed in Lowa for a couple of years, after which they moved to Chicago, IL. Growing up, he wrote poetry and fell in love with it, so when it came to writing rhymes for music, it was just natural and no fake things.

Inspiration for Following Dreams

Of course, every successful artist gives a big credit for their success to someone who inspired them through their motivation, consistency, or personality. Swazythebag also named two persons to whom he gives big credit for driving him to do great things – Kanye West or Lil Baby. Similarly, he also gives credit to one of his friends who said that we all have got 24 hours, and it depends on us how we utilize this time. This just hit his mind, and he started following his dreams even more passionately.

Reasons for Creativity

According to the legend, he thinks the biggest reason for his creativity is his never-ending to-do list before creating any song. His approach might be thought of as orthodox by some; however, this is what he loves to do before coming up with the final music. First, he listens to a beat and tries to catch the pattern, then does freestyle and writes it down on his phone if he feels like it was worthy enough to be incorporated in one of his verses.

Some of the renowned music hits given by the legend include “Grinding every day,” “Moneybag,” “Element,” “Pop My Shit,” “No Stressing,” “Moving Different,” etc.

Responding to Criticism

Swazythebag is quite cool in this regard. Once when asked how does he face criticism or what is his approach of reacting to the backlashes that he faces? He said that it’s not easy to make everyone happy, especially if you are in a subjective field such as making music; not everyone will be pleased by your work, so just remain true to yourself! Also, when you face criticism by anyone, think for a while. Does this person know what he is talking about? Or what he says has some truth in itself? You will find the answer!

Lesson Learned by Swazythebag

One of the most amazing lessons that Swazythebag learned in this path is that not everyone is pleased to see you progressing. Your path will be struck by the people who want to knock you down and always avoiding helping you out.

Nowadays, he is focusing and working on dropping his new album ‘No Validation,’ which is expected to hit the floor successfully.

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