Think Beers and Engineers Don’t go Together? Think again!

The Drunk Engineers are a group of engineering students who are the inventors of the Pump Action Shotgun Tool and have turned a truly unique COVID project into a six-figure business.

The Pump Action Shotgun Tool takes the mess out of shotgunning and adds a splash of ingenuity into the classic party favorite. The drinking tool provides a consistent puncture every time through its patent-pending design that resembles a pump-action mechanism traditionally found in shotguns.

They came up with the idea during the lockdown and with these limitations, managed to fund a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to bring this unique drinking tool to life. After launching their online eCommerce website in late November, it has been blue skies and the Drunk Engineers have already done over six-figures in sales.

The Drunk Engineers contribute a lot of their success to the new up-and-coming social media platform TikTok. Their short, comedic, skit-like, drinking videos perform well on the platform garnering the boys well over 220,000+ followers and over 5,000,000 likes. Whether it’s inventing new drinking games, testing new drinking prototypes, or updating old party favorites the Drunk Engineers love building a community of creative followers through their social media channels.

A new initiative they are testing out is hosting outdoor scavenger hunts across universities to give college students something to look forward to on Friday nights in a socially distanced setting. Currently, the scavenger hunts in Vancouver have been a raging success with a hyper-engaged community, and begs the question “Where will the next Drunk Engineers Scavenger Hunt be held?”. The Drunk Engineers’ goal is to provide people with fun and creative ways to drink, and these types of philanthropic giveaways and initiatives are a great example of how they continue to involve others in their exciting journey.

What might be more impressive is that behind the scenes of their operation, Kevin, Cole, and Yohan; the brains behind the Drunk Engineers are actually still full-time university students studying mechanical engineering. Their brand is a testament to the fact that age doesn’t limit your potential and truly embodies the Work Hard, Play Hard mentality. These guys have their sights set on big things ahead as they shared with us their goal of “re-inventing the world of drinking, one tool at a time” in order to become one of the biggest drinking brands in the US and Canada.

Make sure to check out the Drunk Engineers through their website, Tik-Tok, and Instagram and follow along with their fun and exciting journey.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.