This Brand is Setting the New Standard in the Wallet Industry

Wallet, phone, and car keys are the three things the average person checks before leaving the house. The former, carrying essential cards and cash, has become an integral part of everyday life. However, due to its pocket-sized feature, wallets are often the first to be reported lost in a crowd. E-commerce company GO-GETTER Co.’s unique tracking feature makes losing bulky and outdated wallets a thing of the past. 

Empowered by the people through Kickstarter crowdfunding, the company intends to fuse style and function with their slim-designed, expandable wallet equipped with what has been noted to be the thinnest tracker card in existence.

Founded just this year, 2020, the e-commerce lifestyle brand is setting the bar with GO Wallet. Since the product’s launch, last July 21, GO-GETTER Co. Founder and CEO Mikiah Azarcon has already earned a whopping $90,000 in just the GO Wallet’s first month and a half. 

It seems that the modern, sleek wallet, made out of 6061-T6 space grade anodized RFID-blocking aluminum, has taken the world by storm. With just one product, Azarcon provides solutions to the problems that have plagued the wallet industry. On the ever-present issue of losing a wallet, the thinnest tracker card ever, which is found in the GO Wallet, helps track their wallet when in range, receive separation alerts, and ring it if it is in range but out of sight. 

To add to its unequaled tracking feature, GO Wallet is only 7.5 millimeters thin and 2.5 ounces light with an expandable and stretchable quality, which keeps it in new condition no matter how much or little it carries. Using GO-GETTER Co.’s special RFID-security, the wallet prevents modern RFID-skimming and theft, making it ideal not just for everyday use but also for traveling.

On what inspired the GO-GETTER Co.’s CEO to get things running, Azarcon reveals, “I wanted to start a brand where I create amazing content for, have values to live up to, and also inspire a culture and a community of individuals to represent our brand while they ‘create their own reality’ which is the GO-GETTER Co. tagline.”

Before he ventured into entrepreneurship, Azarcon was a sports medicine major who was on the verge of getting expelled after being caught cheating on his chemistry final exam. The experience was terrible enough to warrant a summer off from school. That summer, Azarcon reevaluated his future, asking himself what excited him.

“I easily answered that question: making content, the idea of starting my own company, and the beauty of progression.”

Azarcon then shifted majors. The unhappiness he felt studying sports medicine dissipated in this new experience as a marketing major. He was finally doing something for himself. 

The idea of GO-GETTER Co. began in 2018 when Azarcon was shopping for a backpack. He found himself standing in front of wallets on display. The wallets made Azarcon think deeply about how amazing it is that such a small thing could be so convenient. Pouring hours of thought on the matter, Azarcon realized what he had to do. He had to hustle.

With a full schedule and little to no extra money, Azarcon pulled all stops to see his vision become a reality. He brainstormed, did odd jobs, and planned every last minute to lean toward his venture’s success. Juggling earning his degree and GO Wallet’s prototype production, Azarcon was always on the go with barely enough time to properly enjoy a meal.

Each prototype he came up with was showcased to the Kickstarter community in hopes of receiving funding for his idea. Two years later, it was time. After countless prototyping, sampling, and revisions, GO-GETTER Co. released GO Wallet to the public last July 21, and it was immediately well-received, earning the company $90,000 in just 1.5 months.

With the success of GO Wallet’s launch, there is more to come from GO-GETTER Co. Driven by the dream-chasers, hustlers, innovators, and all those on a path to create a lifestyle for themselves, the company and its founder are sure to continue fusing style and function in their products, securing the best products tailor-made for go-getters. 

Learn more about GO-GETTER Co. by checking out the company’s official website and Instagram account. To learn about founder Mikiah Azarcon, check out his Instagram account.

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