This Business Could Change the Shipping Industry

There are so many well established companies in just about every industry that it seems intimidating to try and start from scratch. Even with all of the big shipping companies that are already established, Brian Ladin, took a leap of faith and decided to create a shipping business that was able to fill the gaps within the industry. He began creating a company that would provide the shipping industry with asset leasing opportunities.

In 2008 Brian founded Delos Shipping, a platform that lets you lease ships as well as a provider of maritime assets and financing for end users. Over time, Brian Ladin’s vision has earned him a prominent reputation within the industry and he has completed multiple large transactions and acquisitions. 

Brian first began his venture in the business industry when he made an investment in the shipping industry which led to him focusing primarily on the shipping industry. After some time he created an infrastructure for his business which would allow him to lease shipping assets to end users.

This concept was new to the industry which would usually inspire fear and doubt, but Brian says that from the beginning he had no doubt that his idea would work and all it took was consistent hard work and persistence. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who is driven by progress and he uses organization to keep his goals on track for success. 

Brian is a very perseverant person who uses his resources to educate himself and as a result he has become very knowledgeable on multiple topics which helps him navigate his everyday tasks. In order to attract customers and create publicity, he presents his business at industry conferences and spends anywhere from 100-150 days a year on the road meeting with prospective clients. As for the future of Delos Shipping, Brian plans to increase their portfolio of sale leasebacks diversified by many different vessel types, such as tankers, dry bulk, cruise and containers.

The vision that Brian has for Delos Shipping is ambitious but he knows that by being as productive everyday as possible, never letting any setbacks slow him down, and using his resources to keep him organized and educated he will be able to reach all the goals that he has created for himself. His advice for any entrepreneur is to work as hard as possible, do your best to focus on your goals, and never lose your motivation.

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