This Businessman Has Catapulted Over 50 Companies Into Money Making Machines

Umair is no stranger to the trucking industry as he has been learning the tricks of the trade from his family since as early as 10 years old. His Uncles Iqbal and Yousef Chaudry, the owners of Sahi Trucking immigrated from Pakistan and immediately put Umair under their wing. He worked hard and earned every promotion, nothing was given to him. Umair soon became an expert in the trucking industry, and after successfully managing 14 trucks in 2018 his boss offered to start a new company with him.

Together they founded Shark Logistics. Chaudry states he had amazing experience at the company and gained even more knowledge about the business, but he also learned that he had a lot more room to grow. After a bit of misfortune and an 11 car collision resulting in one fatality, the company was lost and Umair was back to square one. In 2020 while in his apartment and with zero dollars in business capital Umair took all the knowledge he gained over his life and started UConsulting.

Knowing that over 80% of new businesses in his industry have failed he wanted to bring a new standard in his field. His vision combined all of his experience from Shark Logistics with the values passed down from his uncles to ensure Uconsulting would be a success. With the help of marketing campaigns and social media he gained a client base that covered the east coast from New Jersey to Georgia with well known brands like On Point
Logistics & Easy Movers.

Within four months of its foundation Uconsulting grew over 1400 percent. His blueprint is consistent and proven to work. He doesn’t allow shortcuts as there is now way around honesty and hardwork.

Uconsulting also believes in charity and philanthropy as they host a weekly drive using 10% of its profits to help the homeless in the community. Through his initiative Dreams Of Privilege Umair helps bring light to their stories by providing food and essentials every chance he can.

The company’s YouTube channel has received thousands of views as they continuously grow and share their formula. Umair vows to always help by sharing his story in hopes of creating safer and more efficient trucking companies.

One of his recent collaborations include social media superstar Robert Wilmote @NDO_CHAMP

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