This Initiative From Okinawa Is Tackling the Importance of Diversity Driven Education

Introducing Ryo Hirano who has coached over 100 students in a year, also laid the foundation of Onefamily Inc. in February 2020. Additionally, Ryo is also a representative of Dream Coaching Okinawa, President of Exciting Otona Juku, and Dream Gen Juku. 

It’s an honor having you with us today. Could you please share your thoughts about the initiative you have taken? Tell us about your visions. 

“Thank you very much for having me here. Well, expanding the global community is my basic goal. I want everyone to reckon that they share the same planet, and hence, are a family to one another. I want to create a place where people can live their lives just the way they want. I want to nurture the concept of diversity and acceptance amongst people so that they live together peacefully and cherish each other’s existence.  

For now, our activities are focused on educating and helping future-oriented and skillful individuals, who draw their own dreams, talk about them, and endeavor to achieve them.  The growth of such adults can likewise inspire the younger generation. Future orientation makes up a crucial component of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) too and is aimed to raise awareness among individuals so that each one can contribute towards making our planet prosperous. Being future-oriented helps us realize the impact we create on those around us and our planet, in general. Together, a world full of such people forming “One family” is what I am striving for. 

By maximizing the sense of business philosophy among the world tenants, everyone can be enriched with knowledge regardless of their race, cultures, and origins. Business philosophical areas include “co-education, co-creation, and co-prosperity,” hence, efforts should be made to manifest their effects. However, a firm determination is needed to create such a world. 

This idea popped up in my mind when I met a young boy living overseas, just to fulfill the dreams he always had. He taught me that our backgrounds, races, or social standings never matter. All that matters is our determination to live the life we have dreamt about.  Likewise, I learned that people who follow their dreams are the ones who sparkle immensely. They would always create an aura of positivity around them and inspire others to do the same. 

This started my journey and eventually drove me to the point where I am today. I strived to earn recognition in Okinawa, the place I was born. I wanted to be known as the young boy who struggled for his visions. That’s exactly what I want our adults to do, strive for their dreams, and find happiness. Inspire the younger ones in your community, and help them grow. We are a family, a really potent family. Together, we can make this planet a better place.”

Wow. That’s so impressive. Sir, could you share some of the major obstacles you had to overcome after working on this project?

 “There are three things that left a strong impression on me:

The first one was when I decided to start this activity. Primarily, I worked as a firefighter. I loved that job of mine, and I always dreamed of becoming the youngest fire academy instructor, which I did. However, when I met the young boy I mentioned earlier, I had to give up on the job I adored very much. He changed my perceptions and motivated me to do better and grow even more. Hence, I eventually started losing my interest in becoming the academic fire instructor and resigned from the job. Obviously, I was excited about my new life journey, but I was plagued with anxiety, too, as I no longer had a job to rely on.

Second, when I started my company, people who initially supported me and my thoughts quitted within a few months, making me disheartened. Third, there were times where I had no source of income. Such times were tough to live by.”

What advice would you give to the people who want to be a part of your venture?

“Believe in yourself and your potentials. Discover your strengths and use them to their fullest. Step outside your home, and explore the world. Work with future-oriented people. They would inspire you to do the same and thus would help you reach your potentials. Additionally, each one of you is unique and has your own strengths. These strengths will undoubtedly lead to the next generation of society you reside in.”

Those are such nice words to hear. What kind of changes do you think your initiatives will bring to people?

“As the number of adults who want to achieve their dreams increase, our team would manifest, and eventually we all will form a society where people believe in their strengths and are willing to use them for the betterment of the planet. Without any doubts, such people would lead to the formation of a prosperous society for the next generation.” 

What goals do you have for your future?

“Well, I want to expand a festival called “The One Festival” from Okinawa, the place I was born and raised. This occasion was held last year and is all about adults who are determined to make their futures bright. They talk about their dreams and inspire people around them. I want to continue organizing this festival in various places, both in Japan and overseas, for friends who share a similar passion as ours. This would also boost the whole economic cycle in the host city, and I am sure that we can make this happen together. This is our goal!”

I really hope you achieve this goal and many more in the years to come. Thank you for your cooperation in the interview today. It was great having this conversation with you. 

“Thank you.

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