This is How Tentera Coffee is Fighting for Our Planet One Cup at a Time

Almost everyone can agree that the first waft of steaming hot coffee in the morning is one of the best parts of the day. Coffee’s popularity around the world has been big business for centuries. In fact, according to Micheal Riady, founder of Tentera, coffee is the second largest commodity in the world behind oil. The fact that coffee has a universal appeal and no boundaries was the basis by which Riady decided to use his company to spread an important message.

Michael Riady, Indonesian Coffee Expert

Riady describes himself as an “authentic Indonesian.” He believes that his expert status regarding Indonesian coffee makes his company a step above others who try to do too much. Tentera sells only coffee from Indonesia, not from any of the other coffee hotspots around the world. Riady states, “I’m not here to market what I do not know.” Instead, he focuses on producing one authentic product, so his customers always receive the best Indonesian coffee experience. “It’s all about you first and exceeding your expectations when I focus on what I know best,” states Riady.

Raising Awareness and Giving Back

Focusing on what he knows best is indeed serving Riady well. Tentera is America’s #1 selling Indonesian specialty coffee. Everything about this brand is purposeful and deliberate, starting with the company’s name. Tentera is an Indonesian word meaning “soldier,” and like a soldier, the Tentera coffee brand will protect for a good cause. An essential part of protecting the earth is raising awareness for endangered species and other critical environmental issues. Riady and his company put this task at the forefront of their purpose. 

Tentera is a culmination of all of Riady’s passions: coffee, earth’s natural wildlife, and art. The artwork on the packaging is the creation of grass-roots Indonesian artist, Darbotz. His artwork gives customers a subtle connection to Indonesia, the rainforest, and the wildlife that inhabit that area. Riady believes that people need to make the connection that their coffee comes from the rainforest, and the rainforest is home to many of the world’s endangered species. “Coffee plantations are closely associated with rainforest wildlife. If we enjoy coffee, we should give back to where it came from for a sustainable future.”

Partnering with 1% for the Planet

Riady is doing more than his fair share by joining with 1% for the Planet — an international organization whose members contribute at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes. Riady says he wants his customers to feel good about their purchase. They are getting the best Indonesian coffee hand-selected from the 13,000 Indonesian islands. As a bonus, they are helping endangered animals and supporting other noble environmental causes. 

Riady is doing even more by eliminating plastic single-serve coffee pods from his brand. With landfills littered with millions and millions of these pods, Riady’s answer to the pollution problem is single-serve, pour-over coffee bags made with absolutely no plastic. This innovative solution is just one example of how this entrepreneur sees his business as an avenue to do some good in this world.

Tentera’s Satisfaction Guarantee

Riady has undoubtedly created a unique company in Tentera. He has found a way to tie coffee to creating awareness and generously gives a portion of his sales to the causes that he cares about the most. But, let’s not forget, none of this is relevant if the product is not high quality. Well, no worries there. Riady says what makes his company unique and his coffee so delicious is his direct access to the best coffee beans in Indonesia. This family-owned company run by an authentic Indonesian family gives Riady the edge he needs in the market.

Speaking the native language and being from the area, Riady has developed close relationships with the growers who consistently provide a quality product. Tentera’s founder is so confident you will be satisfied with his coffee, he offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If your issue with his product cannot be resolved in a manner that leaves you satisfied, Tentera will refund your money within 24 hours, no more questions asked. 

One Cup at a Time

If you love coffee, you can feel good about all that Tentera has to offer. You’ll get premium, delicious Indonesian coffee, and a portion of your purchase goes to support endangered wildlife and other environmental causes. With Tentera, Riady not only provides a superior coffee, he also considers all the stakeholders from the consumer to the rainforest to the landfills. There’s no doubt about it. Michael Riady and Tentera are fighting for our planet, one cup at a time.

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