This is The #1 Social Media Marketing Book for Restaurants.

Do your restaurant a favor and buy this book and implement its strategies.

Social media marketing for restaurants. (Image sourced via: Unsplash / Jay Wennington).

Social media marketing has become one of the most prominent tools when establishing a new restaurant from the ground up. Whether you are a white tablecloth restaurant or a burger and fries joint, leveraging the internet is one of the most important things when driving foot traffic to your business.

I recently came across Brendan Cox’s ‘365 Days of Social Posts for Restaurant Owners: The Ultimate Guide To Restaurant Social Media Marketing.’ Not only does this book provide a year’s worth of unique content ideas but it also includes strategic explanations that dive into why these specific pieces of content are beneficial. 

So many restaurants create an Instagram or Facebook profile but don’t know where to go from there. This book guides you through every day of the year, giving you idea after idea until you become a social media expert yourself.

Do your restaurant a favor and buy this book and implement its strategies. “‘365 Days of Social Media Posts For Restaurant Owners’ is the solution to never running out of ideas for what to post on your social platforms. This book provides you 365 days of unique content ideas to grow and establish your restaurant’s brand on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are a restaurant owner struggling to think of what to post on social media you need this book. “365 Days of Social Media Posts For Restaurants” has saved hundreds of restaurant owners tons of time and energy in creating and maintaining their social presence. Head over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy today!

Lewis Schenk

Written by Lewis Schenk

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