This Is the “Forbes” for Gen Z: A Media Start-Up Named Business Blurb

While much of business media is outdated, with many archaic magazines such as Forbes and Fortune, digital brands like Business Blurb have quietly amassed hundreds of millions of monthly impressions in less than a year. Business Blurb is an entrepreneurial-media startup most prominently known on social-media platforms TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Meet Business Blurb, which some refer to as “the hub of everything business related on the internet.” Their content ranges from business headlines and educational content to funny memes and inspirational tweets from some of the world’s most well-known entrepreneurs. Since their early 2020 launch, they’ve generated more than a billion (yes, one billion) impressions across their social media. 

Their goal is to leverage the power of social media to become the “Forbes” for a younger Gen Z audience.

“Our main goal is to dominate the social media space in every aspect and every app. Many large companies aren’t leveraging social media to their full advantage. On the other hand, we are using every feature on social media to entertain, educate and inform our audience,” says co-founder Brendan Cox, who started the company with Devin Caherly and Faiz Imran.

So where does all the content these millions of people are consuming come from? Business Blurb collects viral content along with curating original content from a global network. Caherly told us, “Our content team is crucial to our business model as they curate, design and push out viral posts amongst all our platforms” The company produces upwards of 100 pieces of content a day and are constantly keeping an eye on trends. 

Business Blurb also recently launched their influencer internship initiative that allows aspiring creators to join their content team along with receiving mentorship from some of the most viral creators on the internet. Cox told us, “Our head of content Devin Caherly, is also a massive social media influencer with nearly 3 million followers across all his platforms. Interning with us is definitely a unique experience as our team has a wide range of connections and experience that many others don’t have.”

“Much of our success stems from having an experienced team willing to create, adapt, and market a new way to consume educational information regarding business and entrepreneurship,” Cox adds.

The key is that keeping Business Blurb’s model successful is providing creative, educational, and fun content intriguing enough to find its audience regardless of whichever platform they’re using.

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