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This Las Vegas Tech Mogul Is Innovating The Streaming Entertainment Industry

Prophecy Onasis wants to challenge the big players.

Prophecy Onasis is a Las Vegas tech mogul who showed early promise as a gifted child. His creativity caught the eyes of teachers and he was always encouraged to be great. As a young man, he saw much success in the music industry but once he got his taste of the tech world he never looked back. Today, Prophecy is an innovator and maverick in the field of programmatic advertising and media technology. He shares how his background and creative energy in music have played a large influence in his current storied career and what best advice he has for today’s entrepreneur.

Innovate Like a Child

Prophecy is CTO at Vuuzle media, a position he leads with innovative enthusiasm and where he encourages others to take a childlike approach to learning and product development.

He believes that entrepreneurs should always enter situations with an open mind saying “I love my profession as much as I loved playing at the park when I was a child. I was discovering things then and this has never changed. I just amplified the thought process and magnified how I look at and approach solutions.” Today he teaches those same principles to his team.

Streaming Will Continue to Dominate

As the COVID-19 virus has shaken up companies around the world, the post-pandemic future of Tech has continued to see great promise. Millions of people sitting at home have switched to different types of entertainment including short form content like TikTok, but Prophecy believes long form streaming services will continue to keep the attention of the masses.

“How we share information is going the most impact way that will catapult the next generation of technology. We will witness an optronic era where many at home will consume long form video content. This will never go away.”

Legacy Is Everything

Legacy is important to many entrepreneurs, and prophecy says that he is no different from those who dream of making an impact on earth. He says that he aims to simplify life for others and that with the solutions he creates, he will try to limit the amount of addictive and harmful technology that resides in this noisy world of social media and entertainment.

When asked what his legacy will be he remarks:

“I want my legacy to be known as a person who wanted to make everyone’s lives to be lived in high definition. To build complicated systems that are easy to use and makes people feel good about having more control in their lives again, something that has been taken away from us with the follow and like button. To me I want everyone to be left with something I developed that allows everyone to feel relevant. Relevance breeds peace, and that is all everyone wants. That’s my legacy.”

Kelly Wing

Written by Kelly Wing

Kelly Wing is the founder of Ohwabisabi Media, a media company that serves to amplify the voices of next generation leaders and company founders who are set to leave a lasting legacy. Ohwabisabi has its own media publication where conscious creators and industry thought-leaders share their unique message, teachings, and stories with a growing fan-base from around the globe. Kelly is also a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider and other notable press outlets.

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