This Vegan-Friendly Beauty Brand Is Putting the Self ‘Care’ Back in Skin Care

Skincare can sometimes feel like a labour of love. You spend all this time and energy trying to wrestle with and tame your body, and this ‘routine’ can start to feel like you’re really just going through the motions.

But what if, with the right perspective and the right tools, you could turn this ‘routine’ into a ‘ritual’? One that empowers and rejuvenates your body and your spirit. A moment of self-care that you can look forward to in your day.

This idea of ritualistic self-love is the core value behind PETA certified, vegan friendly skin care brand Sea Sun Australia. Throughout all the chaos that the pandemic and lockdowns have unleashed upon our daily lives, one thing had always remained consistent and unwavering in Sea Sun founder Alicia Martin’s life; her dedication to her beauty routine, and the act of self-love demonstrated within it.

Alicia’s mission to create a core collection of clean, natural and effective skincare products was as much for herself as it was to share with the like minded women she knew were out there. “For me, creating a ritual around each product that made you feel good was key.” Alicia explains. “Sea Sun Australia isn’t just another step in your skin routine, it’s a chance to take some time out and really reconnect with yourself.

Curated intentionally to not interfere with your current beauty routine, Sea Sun’s purposeful lineup of products include gemstone and mineral face rollers, and the iconic Sea Sun Australia Eye Mask.

As the star of the show; the PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free under-eye mask is ultra calming, hydrating and firming. Crafted with hero ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, marine algae collagen, cherry extract and rose flower oil, this mask is designed to nourish and vivify your skin, coming in at only $30 for a box of 5 pairs.

The Sea Sun Australia Face Rollers, which come in a variety of styles from Rose Quartz or Blue Sodalite, to Jade or Amethyst are a natural, gentle and non-invasive method for improving blood-flow, reducing puffiness, relieving tension and inviting the benefits each mineral has to offer into your life. The unique makeup of each gemstone combined with the soothing motions of the face roller adds a truly personal experience to your skin care routine.

Although Sea Sun Australia was born from just a dream, the response from the community on Instagram was outrageously positive. Soon after launching, Sea Sun found itself connecting and collaborating with inspiring influencers in the skin care scene like Matilda Murray, Jaz Hand, Rozalia Russian and more, who helped ignite a fire in Sea Sun’s community that would catapult them onto international recognition, with features in Vanity Fair Magazine.

After selling out three times over and waking up one morning to an email from Vanity Fair, I thought it was initially a scam, but it was very real and Sea Sun Australia has now been seen in Vanity Fair four times!

If you’re ready to transform your beauty routine into a self-care ritual, connect with Sea Sun Australia through their website or their Instagram and Facebook pages to find out more about how you can put the care back in skincare.

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