This Young Bitcoin Pro Has Now Found Success in the World of Social Media

Haseeb Azizi is a young 20-something who has made a small fortune in Bitcoin several years ago, and is now looking to enjoy more success in the world of social media. Azizi had used his intuition when he was first getting involved with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and felt it was the future. Now that he has studied social media more in-depth, he sees it as the future.

As someone who is entrepreneurial at heart, Azizi is always looking for the next horizon to aspire toward and reap the rewards of success. While this used to be Bitcoin and crypto, it has now shifted to be social media and ecommerce. Haseeb had seen the writing on the wall when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and resulted in massive economic shutdowns due to social distancing mandates. He believes the rapid and sudden shift in consumer habits from shopping at physical stores to online ecommerce shops is here to stay.

Azizi believes that as a naturally superior way to shopping in person, e-commerce is bound to grow from here on out. The statistics are on his side, since ecommerce sales have continually been increasing throughout the year. That is why he has become involved in both social media management and e-commerce.

Azizi is the Chief Information Officer for Ascend Agency. In this role, he helps businesses expand their reach and audience on social media. The end result is getting more leads and sales, thereby growing their businesses. Since he has been learning a whole lot about social media management, branding, strategic development, and running a network on social media, he has co-founded an e-commerce business called Envy Apparel.

Azizi also has an extraordinary ability to connect people, which makes him a perfect middleman in the world of social media. He has built a network among other social media influencers, leading him to be regarded as someone who can be trusted to facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations between entrepreneurs and influencers.

Social media’s main role is to connect people. Azizi has been using it to connect clients with the right people, to further one another’s goals. By the age of 24, Azizi had perfected the craft of monetizing networks he developed. That led to further success for him and his social media management agency.

The same processes that were playing out in the crypto space Azizi saw years ago are now what he sees in the world of social media. The internet itself has revolutionized the way businesses operate and how they communicate with their clients and customers. Today, at the center of it all, is social media. Azizi is focused on social media for the long-term, and plans on continuing to assist businesses everywhere gain an edge over their competitors by optimizing their social media presences.

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