With the business acumen of a 40 years old businessman, he can be called the jack of all trades. With excitement, we present to our audience Saurabh Yadav, a young innovator from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. He designs websites and does blogging. This young Indian is re-defining success with his sharp marketing skills. An eye for minute details has enabled him to grow tremendously, especially in recent years. And one reason for that is that he keeps track of the latest trends in the industry. He has successfully run several notable campaigns for various celebrities and politicians.

Saurabh has been hyperactive in creating content for social media for a long time now. He holds more than six years of experience in the field. His skills in analyzing ongoing social media trends and the evolving digital market are outstanding. His way of working sets him apart from his counterparts and rivals in this industry. And it is for these qualities that many Bollywood celebrities have reached out to him for collaborations and personal projects. Apart from his work, Saurabh has this never-ending love for hiking and travelling. He says, “I have only one interest apart from my passion for my work. And it is my love for exploration, which takes me to places where I find inner peace and get to see beautiful sceneries.”

Saurabh is not only a devoted social media expert but also a market analyst. He has a specialization in studying and setting new trends on social media. Currently, he has an overall audience base nearing 40 million, which in itself is an achievement. Moreover, he started his own record label Melomix Music.  His vision is to climb new peaks, along with his determination to spread happiness and value entertainment to the crowds.

Saurabh is a living testimony of the definition of success, for he has started from scratch and reached heights most people can only dream of achieving. His passion will take him places and will enable him to provide more quality content for us in the coming time.

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