Thomas Beggs on How He Built His Canadian Gold Firm into a Leading 7-Digit Powerhouse

While many people in their early 30s are still pondering what to do with their lives, 31-year-old Thomas Beggs, president and CEO at Worldwide Precious Metals, has seen his company achieve seven-digit-level success. While doing so, he has provided a golden opportunity for clients who are interested in preserving their wealth and protecting their investments.

Worldwide Precious Metals was founded in 2002, and Beggs has been the sole owner of the company for four years after having bought out the stake held by his then-business partner. Since that time, he has grown the company, a collective of physical bullion dealers, into one of Canada’s biggest physical bullion firms. Two years ago, he opened up his second location in Edmonton, Alberta. He also has an office in the Manulife building located downtown. In working to build the company, Beggs has remained focused on keeping transparency and helping clients make informed decisions while buying physical gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, and palladium.

“I chose this career as I was drawn to putting my time and energy into leading a company that helps people keep and grow their wealth and security,” says Beggs. “I am a positive and decisive person and am resilient and flexible through change. These qualities are paramount in this industry where change is the only constant. I maintain a balanced workplace environment where clients experience a knowledgeable and motivated approach to management of their assets.”

Beggs, the youngest owner of one of the fastest-growing companies in the physical bullion industry, understands the importance of achieving work-life balance. While he’s focused on growing a successful company, he also finds time for motorcycles, cars, golf, and travel. Beggs fully understands that any real and lasting corporate success has to be built on a firm foundation.

“I look for fairness, enthusiasm, and integrity when I choose all of my service providers and expect that my clients are seeking the same especially when it comes to their wealth,” he concludes.

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