Thomas Carter: Entrepreneur, DealBox Founder, TNS CEO

When the cryptocurrency market breached $1 trillion in market capitalization on January 6, 2021, many were surprised. Thomas Carter, however, was not, and for good reason – he was the man who predicted it.

Carter also used his penetrating insights into business to found DealBox in 2018.  In addition to being able to analyze the market, he is able to analyze investment platforms and regulatory compliant tokenized securities, see their potential, and act on it. 

The results speak for themselves: millions in annual sales for DealBox under Carter’s leadership since its creation. The business has vaulted to the top of its industry in part because of its use of cutting-edge technology: the Tezos blockchain.

If you are not sure what a blockchain is, you can basically think of it as being a digital ledger, one that records information so that it’s difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. After it is duplicated, it is distributed across the entire network of computer systems.

It’s a system with a lot of power, as Carter states. “DealBox’s uniqueness comes from our focus on Tezos blockchain technology and its capabilities. Both sides of the equation – investors and issuers – get a smart, reliable way to invest and raise capital. Using smart securities issuance technologies has been the main reason we have attained our amazing success. It has really driven where we’ve gone, and I’m excited about where it might take us.”

There are crucial differences between traditional securities and DealBox’s tokenized assets, Carter notes, “Ours are more efficient, affordable, secure, and easier to regulate due to the novel features of blockchain technology. We also, of course, fall under the regulation of the CFTC and the SEC.”

These days, Carter is leading DealBox’s fintech innovation team to begin a usability campaign, “make crypto easy.”

Carter has an entrepreneur’s mindset, meaning he started the campaign to solve a problem he noticed. “Those long, alpha-numerical addresses used in digital wallets are too hard to remember. Why is that? Why do crypto addresses need to be so difficult? The answer is that they don’t have to be. Someone needed to simplify them, so I decided we would do it. “I started the campaign with Digital Names powered by Total Network Service Corp (TNS). We have ultimately simplified the sending and receiving of cryptocurrency. Our clients tell us that this will really help them out.”

Digital Names for cryptocurrency and digital wallets will accomplish what domain names did for the internet in the 1990s. Rather than remember a numerical IP address for a website, you can just enter a business or term into a search engine and arrive at the desired destination.

“There is no reason my industry can’t see the $6 billion in annual gross profits the domain service industry has enjoyed. That’s what I envision happening.”

Carter has lately been guiding TNS to work with a consortium of telco and manufacturing companies on a stealth project aimed at delivering an interoperable solution that will bring an entirely new spectrum of networked communication between the traditional internet, blockchains and IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices.

Carter’s website states:

“The significance of the crypto space breaching $1 trillion in market cap isn’t so much the number, as that certainly will fluctuate over time. I think the takeaway for investors and entrepreneurs is in realizing that the market cap milestone was fueled by institutional investment activity which seems to validate the intrinsic value and utility of the blockchain technology I’ve been evangelizing for the past several years.

Blockchain is truly novel. There are things you can do with blockchain that you just can’t do with any other technology. The things you can do only with blockchain technology have one thing in common and that is empowerment of the individual and democratization of transactional activities whether that be in logistics, finance, communications, etc.

My career focus has been on empowerment and providing value in the fintech space. The advent of blockchain tech has increased that capability 1000x and represents a generational disruption across all the industries that can benefit from distributed ledger technology. I’m excited to be among those leading the charge.

Carter is satisfied with how his life is going, but he is not complacent. “Yes, I’m happy to be where I am, and I am pleased with DealBox’s success. But the future is always one second ahead of us. I want to have a say in what that future will be. I am never satisfied. I am always ready to innovate more.”

Read more about Thomas Carter, Founder and Chairman at DealBox, Inc. and CEO of Total Network Corp., through this press release: Cryptocurrency $1 Trillion Dollar Market Cap Prediction Comes True as Thomas Carter Shares Insights on Digital Assets for 2021, or connect with him on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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