Thomas Zaccagnino Welcomes Former FINRA Executive Sam Gaer

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Mr. Gaer joins an already impressive list of individuals, including Gari Singh and John D’Agostino, who are contributing their expertise to Muirfield as the company expands its service offerings to include blockchain-based investment solutions. Mr. Gaer is the founder, chairman, and CEO of hedge fund Katana Financial. He offers Muirfield a wealth of investment management experience and financial technology insights.

About Sam Gaer

Mr. Gaer’s extensive resume spans hedge funds, regulatory organizations, and a commodities futures exchange. Before founding Katana Financial, Mr. Gaer was the Founder, Principal, and CEO of LWT LLC Trading and the CIO and EVP of Business Services at FINRA, where he was responsible for planning and executing the regulator’s technology strategy. Before joining FINRA, Mr. Gaer was Executive Vice President and CIO of the New York Mercantile Exchange where he helped transform the exchange from open-outcry to electronic trading and was instrumental in its IPO in 2006 and eventual sale to Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2008.

Mr. Gaer has always worked at the intersection of securities regulation and technological innovation. His compliance insights and granular knowledge within a rapidly evolving securities landscape will be crucial as Muirfield navigates the uncharted territory of blockchain-based solutions for private equity.

Tom Zaccagnino, founder of Muirfield, stated:

“We are eager to have Sam’s advisory on a broad range of topics, including market regulation and technological automation. We cannot predict future regulatory rulings, but with Sam joining the Muirfield board, we feel confident in our ability to evolve and ensure compliance in this rapidly evolving industry.”

Mr. Gaer is eager to see how Muirfield’s use of financial technology will spark change across the private equity industry. Gaer stated:

“By leveraging blockchain technology, Muirfield is introducing a new wave of decentralized and secure investment opportunities. While regulations continue to dominate discussions around the future of token-based solutions, Muirfield’s solution is specifically designed to safeguard and ensure compliance. I am eager to see how investors respond to a blockchain solution built to both protect their compliance and solve their pain points.”

About Muirfield Investment Partners

Tom Zaccagnino

Muirfield is an opportunistic private equity real estate investment firm headquartered in Boston, MA, spearheading the reinvention of private equity investing with blockchain technology. Muirfield’s proprietary investment solutions will use blockchain to solve key structural issues with traditional private equity funds, offer investors liquidity, and improve alignment with their investment managers. These innovative solutions will be accessible to investors of all sizes and geographic locations.

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