ThorFi: From Node Beginnings to Gaming and Social Innovations

For those of us who remember node season in late 2021 and early 2022, it was a glorious time to be alive. All you had to do was throw some money into a “node” project, then sit back and harvest the rewards.

Most of these were obvious Ponzi schemes, but no one cared because bull market mania was real. Most of these projects also rugged their investors hard, usually by shutting down the project and stealing investor funds….yay!!

But ThorFi didn’t rug its investors; some mistakes were made for sure, but they stuck around and continued to build. Let’s take a closer look at the history of ThorFi and where they are heading.

The Inception of ThorFi:
ThorFi began as a node project, aiming to decentralize finance and provide unique rewards to its community. In its early days, ThorFi attracted significant attention and support, laying a solid foundation for future growth.

The Crypto Crash of Late 2021:
The late 2021 crypto crash posed a significant challenge to many DeFi projects (node projects in particular). As the market plummeted, ThorFi introduced the VRR (Variable Rewards Reduction) rewards model to sustain the project. Although this decision was met with mixed reactions, it was crucial for ThorFi’s survival. Rewards were slashed, but the project survived. As a testament, I still have my 15 OG Odin nodes and they are still paying out, which makes me think it was the right decision.

Building Through the Bear Market:
Despite the reduced rewards and market downturn, ThorFi continued to build and innovate. The team’s commitment to development and transparent communication with the community helped maintain trust and morale. Financially, ThorFi managed to keep its treasury close to $1 million, showcasing prudent financial management and resilience. They did this by simply buying and HODL’ing solid tokens.

Innovations and Future Prospects:
Fast forward to today, and ThorFi is making waves with its Eclipse Gaming Subnet on the Avalanche network. This ambitious project aims to integrate gaming with DeFi, offering exciting opportunities for users. Additionally, ThorFi’s Twitter engagement app incentivizes top engagers with $Avax rewards, and other possible airdrops, boosting community interaction. With hints of new games on the horizon and continuous innovation, ThorFi is poised for a promising future. Let’s take a look at some recent announcements from ThorFi that highlight their current direction:

Final Thoughts
ThorFi’s journey from a node project to Web3 gaming is a story of resilience and vision. As they continue to innovate and build, ThorFi is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the DeFi and gaming space. It’s nice to know that a handful of projects from 2021 stuck it out and held to their word. The future looks bright for this steadfast and forward-thinking project.


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