Thre3’s Journey From Hardships to Growth

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Lil Ken Ken‘s journey from being reared in the trenches in front of the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta to being dubbed “Thre3” is eloquently portrayed. This incredible artist’s journey to success began with him simply doing his thing, but it has now evolved into a part of his gang. Many obligations were placed on him from an early age, including the responsibility of raising his family and, later, his children, and none of it was easy.

He began working at McDonald’s at the tender age of 10 and then stopped working there to hustle at the store in his neighbourhood selling drugs. All of it, though, seemed commonplace to him; he felt as if he didn’t belong. He’d been disoriented.

However, music was where his abilities and heart delved in, but the harsh realities of life never drove him to pursue his passion. He, on the other hand, never appeared to give up hope. Hov (Jay-z) and Isaiah, who resided in his neighbourhood, became his initial role models. He began to look up to him as a mentor, but life intervened once more and whisked him away.

This one event altered his outlook and viewpoint. He reflected and attempted to forge his own way. Music could not be kept away from him, no matter how hard he tried. He was recording his first piece of music at the time. He took a lot longer than normal, but now, because of his patience and hard work, he can record the same song in half an hour.

He has a one-of-a-kind method of recording in which he begins by listening to his favourite songs that he has previously recorded. This aids him in catching a feeling, allowing him to create music that isn’t monotonous. This push is what raises the beats and results in a beautiful creation.

His entire body of work is based on him and his experiences, observations of those around him, and introspective stages. For example, he’ll listen to what his friend is going through and add his thoughts, which he’ll then portray via the beauty of his songs.

All of his songs show how he’ll turn it around and make it into how he’d manage the circumstance and make him feel. People have frequently inquired about the type of music he creates, and he succinctly sums it up by saying, “I make music for the soul and the hood, and that’s why I’m the hood hope.”

I understand how it feels and what people are going through. While you’re having a good time with me. I’m determined to help them get through it. In my rap, there isn’t too much cap.”

One of his favourite songs, “Soul Therapy,” which has yet to be released, focuses on themes of struggle, betrayal, and just conquering it all. “I am the hood hope,” says one of the lines in this lovely work.

It’s on my back, and you can feel it in my verses.” These phrases eloquently express the concept of hardship and how it affects an individual’s emotional and physical well-being.

This rap artist has also competed against some of the industry’s best rappers, including Pluto (future), Slime (young thug), and Meek Mill. He, on the other hand, prefers to do everything on his own to demonstrate to them that he is serious about music and is genuinely interested in learning more about it.

This appropriately describes his passion for the industry and his hard work. He’s also collaborated with GT from Detroit, Trav MMB from New York, Rowdy Rebel from GS9, and YaK Gotti from YSL, all of whom he considers to be family. 

He is currently rejecting feature money because he does not want to burn himself out by jumping on everything. Rather, he is concentrating on honing his voice and developing his brand. Once he reaches that point in his career, he will want to focus his efforts elsewhere.

He has created two videos that have gone viral on social media, all thanks to the feelings his music evokes in the listener. In less than a month, his second video, Remember Faces (Mama Said), received around 200k views. He intends to upload at least two videos every month to build on his experience and for the benefit of the public.

Overall, this rising star is poised to seize the spotlight and allow the world to hear the beauty of his voice and the authenticity of his songs.

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