Three Tips For Scaling Any Business From Zero to Seven Figures from a 22 Year Old Entrepreneur

Digital Marketing has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the global advertising market nearly topping a trillion dollars, it’s no wonder that the industry is full of aspiring entrepreneurs looking to tap into a piece of that pie. Undoubtedly, this growth will only continue as innovation in smartphones, the metaverse, and technology continue to drive us to an increasingly digitized world.

Just like with any gold rush, the rapid growth does have its drawbacks. It can be hard for a consumer to distinguish between all of the different agencies vying for their attention. Conversely, it can be difficult for a digital agency to set itself apart from the competition. That’s why it’s important to make data-driven decisions. Chase Chappell, founder of Chappell Digital Marketing, has built his multi seven-figure agency from the ground up by focusing on one thing – providing his clients with strong consistent results.

Since establishing the company as a sophomore in high school, the twenty-two year old entrepreneur now manages an ad spend of $200 million dollars for eight figure brands around the world. He also has launched a software company that has a current valuation of $25 million dollars and has attracted customers of VCs from around the world looking to onboard their ad accounts. Here are his three secrets to finding success in today’s competitive world.

Don’t Have A Plan B

Let’s face it. In America, you have the ability to be whatever you want. Actors, business tycoons, influencers, and other public figures often come from a place of poverty and climb to the top through sheer willpower and focus. This focus is what Chappell believes is the key for anyone looking for success. “I never have a back up plan. I dropped out of school, didn’t get a GED – all to pursue my dreams. If it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t have anything to fall back on.”

That feeling of having his back against the wall is what gave him the focus to find his success. Even after losing his first client just a few months into launching his business, he never thought of quitting. Whatever your goal is, his advice is to start early and stay focused. Be all in.

Go Very Linear

Digital marketing is a very broad term. Within the industry, you can focus on Google ads, digital press, SEO, or social media platforms. In the beginning of his journey, Chappell chose to focus solely on Facebook ads. “The decision was to become very masterful at that specific skill [Facebook ad management]. We wanted to become specialists.”

This specialization has served him and his company well. His brand is known worldwide for being one of the best in their field – and companies are willing to pay a premium if they know that you are the best. Chappell does recognize the danger in being so narrowly focused. “People always ask what if Facebook shuts down or changes. My answer is that there are always what “ifs” in business.

The chances of a multi-billion dollar corporation shutting down is very low.” Over the last few years, his company has expanded into TikTok Ads, but only after solidifying his Facebook ad line of business. The takeaway is this. There are a lot of options for success, but you can’t be distracted. Get good at one thing first; then look at ways to diversify.

Learn How To Diversify

Yes, you read that right. And no, it’s not a contradiction. Once Chappell’s digital agency was going strong, he started hearing a lot of opportunities for growing the business. People wanted to know if he did Google ads, or would add additional services. After some thought, he realized it was time to add another revenue stream. “It made the most sense for us to add consulting. A lot of people wanted to learn how to do what we did, so we started consulting on Facebook and TikTok ads.”

The key here was that Chappell didn’t have to go learn a new skill or even spend a large amount of capital – he just had to share what he already was doing. The end result was an increase in revenue for both of us. “Consulting brings in a good amount of revenue, but what’s funny is that most of those clients end up using our agency services because they can’t keep up with the increased responsibility when their ads start making them money.”

Even Chappell’s ad tracking software,, is simply a value add that allows his team to work more efficiently by automating ad tracking to identify the true results from their advertising efforts rather than doing it manually. Moral of the story? Learn how to diversify in a way that compliments your business.

Chase Chappell is the founder of Chappell Digital Marketing – a marketing agency that specializes in Facebook and TikTok Ads and Management. If you want to learn more about his marketing agency and training programs by visiting his website  You can also keep up with his daily life on Instagram.

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