Three Ways Influencer Marketing Platform Afrostylicity Attracts the World’s Top Sponsors

An influencer can claim to be an influencer if they succeed in influencing an audience, right?

Meet Joy Nyargem and Hugh Zei, the dynamic duo running successful influencer marketing platform Afrostylicity. For Nyargem, Afrostylicity was her journal of creative ideas, a free space from her corporate duties. The journal soon turned into an acclaimed platform where Nyargem shared her fashion finds and answered her followers’ queries. Let’s see how her brand, Afrostylicity, attracts the world’s top sponsors, even amidst the pandemic.

Bankable Consumer Engagement

Nyargem has always made her followers her priority, and that has paid off in the long run. Her consumers love her, trust her, and engage with her posts. This is the most bankable asset of an influencer for a brand to depend on. As Jason Hall from Five Channels Marketing states, “If you regularly engage with your audience, you will get a better understanding of who they are and what they are into.” Nyargem sets an example with her brand, and so does her co-founder, Hugh Zei, who came on board just because Nyargem’s followers wanted unique ‘unisex’ perspectives.

Promising Social Media Reach for B2B Business

It’s a proven statistic that influencer marketing benefits B2B more than B2C. Amid the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic, brands have begun relying on trusted influencers for generating their ecommerce revenue. Joy Nyargem says, “Brands want to reach highly-engaged audiences. As influencers and digital content creators, we bring the two together on our platform.” Every post on Afrostylicity garners up to 5k likes. Her videos on travel and tourism have got a reach of over 30K views. The influencers have worked with quite a few mass-market retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Brands and retailers aiming to increase their ecommerce revenue for fashion, wellness, fitness, and other products are trusting Afrostylicity. The site and their affiliated social media channels on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok serve as a bridge between brands/companies and the consumers they want to reach.

Keeping It Real

The transparency with which Nyargem and Zei create and curate content attracts genuine and organic followers. “Everything we share is a product or service we have used or experienced,” Nyargem says. “The audience appreciates that.” And the audience stays and supports your choices. “Consumers want to hear authentic, unbiased reviews before they purchase products and services.” It’s a responsibility a digital content creator has to adhere to for their audience. You engage them, and they support you. It’s an authentic loop designed to grow and is trusted by brands.

The trend of influencer marketing has now become the only option for B2B marketing during this global pandemic. COVID-19 has put a lot at stake, most importantly, the economy in every affected country. In such a debilitating scenario, branding and marketing have solely fallen on the shoulders of able social media influencers like Afrostylicity. And it is a burden that the shoulders of Nyargem and Zei bear exceptionally well!

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