Thriving Entrepreneur and MD Candidate Shares How He Uses Social Media to Accelerate His Career Growth

When you think of entrepreneurs, you don’t often associate them with being in medical school. The amount of time it would take to do both simultaneously seems too daunting to attempt even for the most ambitious scholars and business professionals. However, recently, we spoke to a young man who is not only doing it but is thriving in the busy environment he created.

Adam Nessim is an MD Candidate at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He earned his undergraduate degree from Cornell University earning a Bachelor of Science with High Distinction earning a degree in human biology. Adam worked as a highly rated MCAT instructor for 2 years at a major test prep company before founding The Premed Consultants Inc.

He saw a need to develop an all-encompassing advising program that helps develop and guide students from early on in their careers. He opened his company with that in mind and became an entrepreneur while still a student himself. Adam is also the author of the popular book “My Premed Advisor Told Me I Couldn’t Do It, So I Did It Anyway.”

Adam credits his use of social media to help him build his business. He’s become well-known to thousands of students throughout social media with an impressive 26,000+ followers on Instagram and 45,000+ followers on TikTok. We asked him to share how he uses social media to drive new business, save time over using traditional methods, and grow a global audience of fans.

Use Social Media to Connect One on One With Customers

Adam shared how doing “cringeworthy dances” on the new emerging app Tik Tok would lead him to tens of thousands of dollars in sales. He shrugged off the haters and before long he was reaching thousands of students and providing them with free advice on the best practices to help them through their pre-med journey.  He is able to go live and really connect with students, do questions and answers, and talk about the habits that have helped him be successful and how they can do the same. Social media has opened so many opportunities for Adam not only to reach others, and to help his business grow, but in ways he could have never predicted before getting started. 

Adam attributes over 50% of his sales come from completely organic social media use. He is constantly interacting with students/clients via direct messages, whether that’s giving free advice, or discussing my program. He makes it very clear that all prospective clients can reach out at any time with questions. He spends countless hours responding to messages and engaging in his community. The extra one on one time he spends with his audience has enabled him to build trust with his brand that has led to sales down the line after initially providing free help. 

Use Your Time Efficiently on Social

As previously mentioned, Adam is a busy guy. He is running a business and going to medical school simultaneously! I mean who does that? So to say he doesn’t have time to endly surf social media mindlessly scrolling. He must use social media with a purpose in mind.

Adam talked about consistency being the key when it comes to social media and this is not always easy to do with his schedule. One thing that has helped him is to try to pre-plan an entire week or so of posts in a single day so that he does not have to think of something new each day. This method of batching really helps with his productivity. However, with that said, he realizes you want your social media to feel as organic as possible, and so always add additional posts or switch up the plan when necessary.

Adam also uses videos for announcements to his network. He talked about when was a major announcement that the medical school admissions exam was going to be shortened due to COVID-19. That announcement led to thousands of students blowing up his phone with messages asking him questions. He was simply overwhelmed with the volume of people reaching out, so he figured the best way to effectively reach all of them at the same time was to make a video addressing this change and his perspective on it. If you are a business just starting out on social media try to stick to at least one post a day to build a following. Also, make sure to engage in your community every day whether that is responding to comments, or leaving your own two cents on other people in the pages of your niche.

Adam’s Social Media Top Tip

We will leave you with one final tip from Adam.

“My top social media tips are to be authentic and also be willing to be a little bit personal with your audience. You don’t always need to talk about content solely related to your niche. Sometimes I’ll just show my day to day activities on my Instagram stories, whether that’s me at the gym, or heading to a happy hour. This has let my followers feel more connected to me and has actually strengthened the connection to my brand. Additionally, it’s important to have fun with social media. If you are feeling burnt out because you feel like you constantly have to post, take a break! It’s all about balance, but consistency in the long run. I see businesses and personal brands burn out because they go so hard in the beginning and then just stop cold turkey. Consistency and content is king.”

If you have questions for Adam, feel free to connect with on his Instagram @adam_nessim.

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