ThroughConversation: The Best Way to Unlock Your Potential

2020 has been a year for the history books, unfortunately for more cons than pros. A global pandemic has affected billions of lives and costed nearly as many global jobs. Businesses were forced to pivot their strategies overnight, with many of those that didn’t closing their doors permanently. Athletes and their teams have played an entire season to virtually empty stadiums. Educators have taught entire semesters via webcam. 

It’s little surprise that the American Psychology Association has recorded stress to be higher across the board compared to pre-COVID data. In response, thought leaders and personal development coaches the world over have doubled-down on helping millions of people who have been – and still are – experiencing disruption to their cognition.

Losses in cognitive function can cause drops in productivity, easily harming our ability to perform at our peak potential. In times when under-performing for many business executives and other professionals isn’t an option, there exists one solution to break the cycle and return to peak performance: ThroughConversation.

“High performers don’t realize that they’re walking around with massive amount of unnecessary weight on their back that can easily be removed,” says the program’s founder Jean-Paul Gravel. “This unnecessary weight is slowing them down in everything they do, in every decision they make, and this has a negative impact on their bottom line. What you need to do, if you want to perform at your true peak, is make sure that you have gotten rid of as much of the unnecessary weight as possible. Suddenly, you’re calmer and more confident, you think with incredible mental clarity, and the obvious outcome is that you win more often at everything you do. Your results don’t improve incrementally,” as they would with a typical coach, says Gravel, “they improve exponentially.”

‘Exponentially’ is putting it lightly when looking at the program’s success rate. To-date, ThroughConversation has a plethora of success stories from those who have graduated from the program. Some of those who have gone through the program suffered from various detriments to mental health, such as “Bev”, a business executive from Vancouver, BC. Bev struggled with anxiety and depression for 50 years and had spent 30 of those years trying to help herself through the feelings brought about by her mental health.

“I wasn’t treating the people in my life like I loved them,” said Bev. “I came to ThroughConversation looking for something that was different, that would break through the limiting beliefs that I had,” Bev said, referring to the overabundance of self-help books and traditional therapies she had tried but hadn’t worked for her. “[ThroughConversation] gave me what I desired – more than I desired…it’s transformed me.”

Bev’s “transformation” occurred in less than just 10 sessions with Gravel.

Indeed, many of us still harbor a lot of negativity within ourselves as Bev once did, especially after surviving through the collective events of the past year. With a new year approaching and millions still struggling to find ways to transform ourselves into the best example of who we know we can become, ThroughCoversation’s program is a truly unique turning point within the realm of not only personal development, but personal discovery.

And while some people seek to resolve certain personal issues in order to access their potential, others want Gravel’s coaching because they are committed to reaching their next new peak in life.

“My life before ThroughConversation was great,” says Bart, another program alum and Canadian entrepreneur. “My business…my personal life were going very well, but at the same time I wanted more…to perform at a higher level…to seek out my true potential.” Bart mentions how after researching more about the program, signing up “just felt natural” to him. Why? “Because you get results,” said Bart.

ThroughConversation’s success lies in its simplicity. True to its name, the development and discovery offered by ThroughConversation don’t come from any book or guide or manual: it comes, simply, through custom-built, live conversations. Gravel says that the program begins by finding the mental blocks, or limitations, that have been built up throughout the course of your lifetime, and then removing them.

By dissolving those limiting beliefs, you are not only able to perform at a higher level, but are able to do so more consistently, generating immediate and measurable results in real-time.

“It’s impossible to describe the program,” says Bart. “You just show up and commit and your life begins to transform before your eyes… in a very positive way… It’s more of you come in as one person and you leave being more yourself than you’ve ever been.”

ThroughConversation is a 1-to-1, no-nonsense, forward-thinking process that delivers outstanding results in 10 weeks or less – without dredging up your past. Visit today to schedule your free 15-minute consultation to learn more about how ThroughConversation can help you transform into the best version of yourself.

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