Tiffany Gaines: The Entrepreneur Making Independence The New Mainstream.

I recently met up with the veteran Entertainment executive founder of SS Global Entertainment, Tiffany Gaines, and asked her what she is passionate about. Her answer: “Promoting female empowerment and Independence for musicians, managers, and label owners.”

What do you think is the biggest issue regarding musicians not making it “big” in the music industry? 

A consistent flow of income coming in to support the artist/musician’s brand and business. They have the talent, skill, and product to promote, but when it comes time to actually invest in the marketing of the product/music itself, they fall short.

A big majority of artists have the wrong perspective when it comes to how to begin running a successful career. Many of them have the passion and drive until they see what it actually entails to keep the momentum going. To keep things short, no business is going to survive if they only have a few hundred here and there for marketing.


What does a realistic budget look like for a musician who is interested in launching a successful career? 

The “realistic” question should be the consistency of that budget not so much the actual budget itself. Many artists who have a budget worth considering usually spend the bulk of it to try to gain a massive amount of attention and find out the hard way that balance is key. For example, if an artist has $10,000 to spend, they shouldn’t be looking at services that cost $10,000. Instead, they should divide that into a full year/12 months which means they actually have a little over $800 to spend monthly on all future upcoming releases. This allows a consistent amount of attention to be placed into the artist’s brand for a full year rather than all upfront or better yet 4-6 weeks which is the average time for a marketing campaign or service. As a business decision-maker, I would want my investment to last as long as it possibly can to allow potential growth to take place throughout the year rather than just hope and pray that “something” happens during the campaign period. The longer you can show growth in any venture, the more doors of opportunity can open for you. Analytics and numbers don’t lie.


You wear many hats. What are some of the services you offer for inspiring musicians, managers, label owners, and entrepreneurs? 

For artists, managers, and label owners, we offer global distribution. I teach strategies on how to register music properly so they’re actually able to benefit from not only a financial perspective but also obtain recognition from some of the most reputable entities of the business such as Billboard, iTunes, Google charting, Soundscan, BDS etc. I have taught a strategy that guarantees consistent earnings for years and as long as they perform and simply follow directions while being consistent… they will earn. I have never heard anyone I taught tell me the system I have set up for them doesn’t or hasn’t worked.

For Entrepreneurs, we offer opportunities to develop and maintain modern and ever-changing skills, avenues to explore new interests, and a revolutionary breakthrough to incredible real work educational and ground-breaking material. All structured strategically for their developmental needs and experiences.

For businesses, we offer invaluable insight through creative solutions towards the common problem faced, advanced systems of technology through programmatic marketing and traffic building resources and strategies as well as new and evolving programs to assist with cultivating business growth and entrepreneurship.

For individuals looking for PR or marketing services, I consult with them to find out exactly what they are looking for and from there determine whether they are in need of whether it be management and/or marketing services if not both and proceed from there. I have sparked the careers of some of the most prominent artists and entertainers of the business and each and every one of them required a different approach, challenges that became solutions that eventually became accolades to their success.


How do you recruit new talent and clients/businesses to work with? 

I currently have a total of 88 talent scouts to date. Each and every one of them work at their own pace and leisure. If they bring me talent, I have a Senior VP of A&R, Alonzo Robinson,  formerly known as the Black Music/Creative Affairs and Membership for the West Coast region at ASCAP, who reviews the music submission and if he feels there is potential, we set up a call and proceed thereon. For individuals or businesses looking for PR and marketing, I look for the current state of their brand and / or business in terms of likeness, image and online presence and from there my process begins. In this business, numbers matter. I can’t just bring on anyone, there is only one “ME”. In other words, it’s not just about who can afford me. If I don’t believe in the project or brand itself, the answer is simply NO.


What is the best advice you can offer to anyone trying to be a successful entrepreneur in the Music and Entertainment business? 

Correct your perspective on the road towards success. “Rome was not built in a day”. Patience and consistency are key. You MUST have a blueprint and a plan C. A and B are your start and insurance of the journey. Know that you will fall short, but those are lessons, not failures. You only fail if you give up completely. This is a competitive business, so get ready for the competition. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough for you in terms of success. Focus on consistent PROGRESS, not so much the finish goal. If you stay the course and consider all of the above just mentioned, you will grow as a brand. Success is not how fast you become a success story… it’s how consistent you manage to stay on the journey towards it.


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