TikTok Influencer Neumane Is Officially Cancelling Cancel Culture

Kane Trujillo

Tiktok Influencer Neumane Picks Up Nearly 3 Million Followers Reenacting Viral Trends

Kane Trujillo, commonly known for his TikTok handle @Neumane, entered the TikTok world mid quarantine, just like most of us. But unlike most people who have 100 or less followers that came from that almost-viral video they posted; Trujillo has achieved real success. Since his debut, Trujillo now boasts an impressive 2.7 million followers with over 110 million likes, putting his name next to TikTok’s elite.

Trujillo’s overnight celebrity came from his now viral videos titled “I can take you there”, which sampled music from the song “Coochie”, by Yn Jay. Not only did these posts get massive attention throughout TikTok, but also led Yn Jay’s record label to reach out to Trujillo and request an official collaboration. This decision was made after Trujillo’s videos received significantly more streams and impressions than the artist’s video itself. To follow and watch Neumane’s videos, visit https://www.tiktok.com/@neumane

It’s important to highlight the word “collaboration” as well as note that Yn Jay has never accused Neumane of copying or stealing his art. In fact, Yn Jay appears in one of Trujillo’s TikToks alongside him. This is important to note because:

Cue the drama…

Unfortunately, part of the TikTok community sees Trujillo through a different lens and has decided to launch an attack on him, claiming that he has been stealing content from smaller creators without giving them credit. Anyone who has spent over an hour on TikTok can tell you that this is a very common and recurring theme that seems to only hit those who reach success in TikTok.

Some clout chasers are even trying to pull the race card, saying that Neumane’s trend based videos are somehow cultural appropriation. Trujillo is not bowing down to the cancel culture mob, officially starting “if the videos those creators made were responsible for the virality, then they would have gone viral when they created them. They did not, they went viral when I created my own versions inspired by the trend.”

If anything, TikTok promotes an environment that lives and breathes trends and reenactments. Trends that everyone can either follow to the T, or add their own unique twist too. Just because one person doesn’t receive the same success that another does after posting similar videos shouldn’t be considered a problem, stealing, or injustice. It’s really just the creator world’s version of survival of the fittest.

The truth is everything has been said, written, and done before. The only originality left comes from you making it your own. Something Trujillo has done, and continues to do very well.

While many have argued that Trujillo is “stealing” videos, the other side can see that his covers inspired several trends that would have never gone viral without him. Speaking of TikTok celebrities “stealing” content, Addison Rae sampled audio by Will Gittens, the singer of Zodiac, for one of her videos she posted. He responded with a video politely asking her to give him credit. Similar to what Neumane did to Yn Jay but notice that nobody is trying to cancel Addison or accusing her of cultural appropriation.

The final straw for Neumane came when the TikTok community began making it about race, saying that he was “stealing” content from black creators specifically, to benefit his “privilege”. Being a man of Latino descent, Neumane is appalled by these allegations and has chosen to not feed into them. Instead, he’s going to focus that energy on what he does best. Make TikToks that as his loyal fans say, “never miss.”

The only problem in this situation is cancel-culture itself, which is plaguing our society, predominantly in Hollywood and the creative industries. Cancel culture doesn’t promote the necessary growth, personal development, and ability to express individuality that we all need to be successful. It eliminates any chance of free thought while enabling weakness and celebrating victimhood.

The only way to finally “cancel” cancel culture is to never give up on yourself and keep moving forward, just like Trujillo is choosing to do, “The haters don’t understand how much they are actually helping me. I’m riding the drama all the way to the top.”

About Neumane:

Neumane, AKA by his real name Kane Trujillo, is a 21 year old, Greensville, South Carolina based actor and social media star most known for his hilariously catchy viral TikTok videos known as “I can take you there” as well as his work on Instagram and YouTube. To support Neumane as he takes on the cancel culture mob, you can follow him at TikTok.com/@neumane


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